High-end business wireless mouse, rapoo M700 wireless bluetooth mouse evaluation

For people who often need to travel on business, a computer is an indispensable productivity tool, and the general laptop trackpad is inefficient to use, so generally you still need a wireless mouse with excellent portability, beautiful appearance, and good feel. To improve office efficiency.

Today this rapoo M700 high-end business wireless bluetooth mouse, this mouse is exquisite in appearance and excellent in performance, very suitable for various occasions such as office and business use.

Appearance: Fashionable and thin, fine hand feeling, metal material, outstanding texture

The rapoo M700 wireless bluetooth mouse adopts a streamlined shape, a gray metal upper cover, full texture, and non-slip button design, the touch is very good, and the slim body design, the weight of the entire mouse is only 68g, which is very convenient for us to carry on daily business trips. , And very business-style color matching, can adapt to various business office occasions.

From the side, does the rapoo M700 have an arc that fits our palms well? At the same time, the mouse wheel adopts a metal design. The metal wheel not only feels delicate, but also can bring better results in daily use. Experience greatly improves the texture of the entire mouse. In addition, the surface of the entire mouse uses a matte process, which not only feels delicate, but also effective anti-skid, and it feels very good to hold with large hands.

Bluetooth 5.0/3.0/wireless 2.4G link seamless switching of multiple devices

rapoo M700 uses three connection methods for users to choose from, which can be seamlessly switched before 3 different devices. When working in the office, we can use the mouse to connect computers, laptops, tablets and other devices at the same time, we can use Button to switch, use between different devices, very convenient.

At the bottom of the mouse is the Bluetooth button and power switch, and the DPI of this mouse is up to 1300. At the same time, thanks to the tracking design of the engine, the positioning is accurate, and it runs smoothly on the surface of leather, cloth, paper, wood, resin and other materials. It can be used in multiple scenarios, and the foot sticker at the bottom can ensure that the mouse can slide smoothly on most hard surfaces.

Mute and fretting, rapid rebound, excellent daily office feel

The mouse’s micro-motion uses silent micro-motion, the button sound is very small, and the left and right buttons of the mouse rebound quickly, and the feel is very good. Not only that, the mouse wheel is designed with metal, and the damping feeling is very good when sliding. , It’s very good to use.

High efficiency and energy saving 9 consecutive months of outstanding battery life

The rapoo M700 is powered by an AA battery. Under normal conditions, it can provide excellent battery life of more than 9 months. This allows users to bid farewell to the tediousness of frequent battery replacement. In addition, this mouse has a rechargeable version with a built-in lithium battery. Available for users to choose.

The rapoo M700 has an excellent appearance design and excellent texture, which is very suitable for high-end business people to choose. In addition, this mouse has three connection methods of Bluetooth 5.0/Bluetooth 3.0/2.4G to choose from, and it can be switched between three devices freely. Convenient, not only that, this mouse also provides more than 9 months of battery life, allowing users to bid farewell to battery life anxiety.

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