How is OriginOS for iQOO different? Get started with iQOO7

The iQOO7, which was released not long ago, has also been officially upgraded to OriginOS, with a “for iQOO” suffix added, which seems to be a special customized version.

1. Basic Features of OriginOS

Like the original OriginOS, its main interface UI adopts the “Huarong Grid” design that breaks through the traditional framework of Android. We can customize the size of each icon according to our own preferences and customize the most efficient arrangement and combination. The desktop that is used to the original version of Android can also be switched back with one click.

On the desktop, we can also add some atomic components. Compared with the traditional Android widgets, they have added interactive functions. We can view some basic information or make simple settings without leaving the main screen. , Schedule, check weather, flights, express delivery, etc.

Atomic Walkman can help us quickly switch between multiple audio apps, and click to expand it can also display the playing tracks. However, in addition to its own i music, it only adapts to QQ music and Himalayan listening books. For unadapted applications like Kugou Music and NetEase Cloud, this component can only control play/pause and cut songs.

The lens package can help us solve the problem of too many functions of the camera lens of the mobile phone, and it is particularly troublesome to flip through the camera application. Define your commonly used camera functions in the settings, and you can quickly open them when you need them.

By default, sliding to the left from the lower right corner of the screen will pop up the “Super Card Pack”, which can provide quick access to open WeChat and Alipay’s scan code and payment code. If necessary, you can also set the card pack to open when the screen is off or locked. Enter immediately after unlocking, making payment more convenient.

The interactive pool gives us the ability to customize various gesture navigation and interaction, and the setting method is very fast and intuitive.

And it’s worth mentioning that OriginOS finally supports pull-down to call out the notification center from anywhere on the desktop instead of being fixed to search.

In addition, it has also improved the problem that the original FuntouchOS or iQOO UI can only support the in-game calling out of the information APP small window. Now most mainstream applications can call out the small window mode.

This small window function supports resizing, dragging at any position, and shrinking to an icon.

2. iQOO 7 exclusive features

Next is the characteristic function of OriginOS on iQOO7. The first thing I saw on the desktop was this iQOO console, which can quickly switch animation, performance mode, refresh rate and network, which makes it more convenient for gamers to set up.

iQOO7’s exclusive behavioral wallpaper can no longer only be fed back based on the number of steps, but can also be freely adjusted to volume, screen brightness, etc. After turning on the performance mode, it can also change from blue to orange for gaming, which is very personal.

Old photo restoration is a new feature in the photo album app. It can use AI algorithms to restore some black and white photos to more high-definition, and perform intelligent recognition and coloring. You can see that it restores the skin color and background of the characters more naturally. The effect is quite surprising.

The game box has also undergone major changes. The first thing you can see is that the interface has become more e-sports style. It can also display real-time CPU and GPU operating frequency, game duration, power and other information, and more adjustable functions.

In addition to the screen pressure and 4D game vibration supported by the iQOO7 hardware itself, the new version of the game box also brings the following display control panel. Players can choose between performance and image quality, and solve some of the game’s own image quality settings. Limited problem.

In the customization, each image quality can be fine-tuned, which is suitable for more hardcore game enthusiasts.

3. What needs improvement

First of all, in terms of notification messages, although the folding of multiple messages in the same APP is supported, there is still no level of importance. Only unimportant messages can be set to “silent” without reminding.

However, it is worthy of praise that the notification of “under developer options” can finally be deleted directly.

The second is the small window function. There are currently two small windows called by OriginOS. One is to press and hold the APP icon in the drawer and drag it to the upper right corner of the screen. The other is to select the small window above the multitasking card of the APP as in the past split screen. Windows, these two methods are difficult to operate with one hand.

And its small window seems to be similar to the previous QQ and WeChat picture-in-picture in the underlying logic, which leads to the need to adapt the applications one by one.

Such as some third-party Weibo clients, application stores, and game strategy assistants, such niche software that is difficult to take into account still cannot use small windows; on the other hand, video playback software can only support vertical screen, but cannot click full screen. Zoom in.

In addition, its smart screen recognition and price comparison function also needs to jump to the browser instead of pop-up windows in the app, which leads to the need to switch applications repeatedly during the price comparison process. Compared with copying the product link to compare the price software, it is not much simplified.

4. Summary

OriginOS is quite innovative in UI design, semi-materialized icons, rich pressing feedback and nonlinear animation are very vivid and delicate, giving people a refreshing feeling;

And through the exquisite and practical atomic components, many once tedious operations are simplified; the interaction also gives users full freedom, no matter what kind of habit before, they can easily use this system;

The exclusive function of iQOO is also very distinctive and practical. If vivo can further optimize its functional details in the future, this system will hopefully become the top level of Android customized UI.

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