Huami launches PumpBeats blood pressure monitoring engine: measurement only takes 30s, follow-up support 24 hours continuous monitoring

At Huami Technology’s Next Beat conference, in addition to the introduction of the wearable device chip Huangshan 2S and the new wearable operating system Zepp OS, Huami Technology also launched the PumpBeats blood pressure monitoring engine, enabling users to measure blood pressure anytime, anywhere.

According to Huami Technology, there are as many as 245 million adult patients with hypertension in China, and the invisible killer makes daily blood pressure monitoring a daily necessity. The PumpBeats blood pressure monitoring engine has been developed for 5 years, focusing on high-precision optical sensors for data collection, fusion, AI model establishment and other technical links to overcome technical difficulties.

Peking University First Hospital has verified the accuracy of the PumpBeats engine. Clinical experiments have shown that the average absolute deviation of the engine’s systolic blood pressure is lower than 5.14mmHg, and the diastolic blood pressure is lower than 4.88mmHg. The engine is reliable and it only takes 30s to measure blood pressure. In the follow-up, 24-hour continuous blood pressure monitoring will be promoted to explore new ways to screen for occult hypertension.

The PumpBeats blood pressure engine will be officially launched in the fourth quarter of this year.

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