Huami releases a new wearable operating system Zepp OS: operating power consumption is reduced by 65%, battery life is increased by 190%

At Huami Technology’s Next Beat conference, the new wearable operating system Zepp OS was officially unveiled. The official said the new system is lighter, smoother, more practical and healthier.

According to reports, the bottom layer of Zepp OS is developed based on the FreeRTOS microkernel open source code. Although the system package is only 55MB in size, it is perfectly compatible with different configurations. Zepp OS has reduced operating power consumption by 65% ​​and increased battery life by 190% compared to the previous version, which improves the experience of wearable devices.

Zepp OS integrates many cool dynamic dials, and has done a lot of smooth motion effects on different interfaces. Most of the interfaces on the watch achieve more than 60FPS, and the animation effects are smooth, delicate and vivid.

Zepp OS fully inherits the core value functions, enriches the secondary screen functions for easy viewing of information, and cooperates with Qimengzhe and Yunzhisheng to optimize offline voice. Based on the system development of the Zeus watch applet framework, developers can use declarative and descriptive JS API to develop watch applets. Open the graphical development environment for dials, allowing users to develop their favorite dials.

Zepp OS optimizes power consumption and maintains 7×24h continuous health data monitoring; opens the applet framework to tailor health applets; powerful artificial intelligence algorithms can accurately measure human biological data and exercise indicators; stable and reliable Bluetooth channels allow health data to be stored on mobile phones Fully demonstrated on the website; the IoT connection module of Zepp OS supports access to various smart products.

Zepp OS supports 4G/5G modules at the bottom, built-in Wi-Fi connection in the watch, integrates TCP/IP network protocol stack, and can initiate a network call to the cloud in an emergency; attaches great importance to privacy protection, and has achieved EU GDPR compliance in 18 years ; The open cooperation platform can provide SDK and technical support for health research.

In order to meet other needs of IoT partners, Huami Technology authorized Zepp OS and Huangshan 2S chip technology to Yitong Technology. Zepp OS has also supported the RISC-V system ecosystem, and has promoted more applications of RISC-V in the IoT ecosystem through the joint efforts of chips and Zepp OS.

Zepp OS will be officially launched in the fourth quarter of this year.

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