HUAWEI Puffin Smart Camera Pro upgrade version: 360° endless loop rotation

A month ago, Huawei’s Smart Selection Puffin Smart Camera Pro officially went on sale. This is the first smart camera equipped with HarmonyOS.

This camera has four selling points: HarmonyOS, secure built-in storage, AI smart detection+, and 2K ultra-high-definition picture quality.

The original version is 32GB, the original price is CNY299, and the initial price is CNY289. It has a built-in 32GB storage and can store surveillance video without an SD card.

Now, the 64GB version is available for appointment, and the recording time is doubled. The original price is CNY399 and the initial price is CNY379.

The 32GB model supports 360° panoramic cruise, so there is no blind spot for housekeeping. The 64GB model is upgraded to support 360° infinite tracking, exclusive patented technology, breaking the limit of rotation angle. It also supports timed fixed-point dual cruises, panoramic drawing and 6 frequently-watched positions can be set, and you can see where you are.

The official said that the built-in storage completely solves the SD card incompatibility problem, with more erasing times, longer service life, faster reading and writing speed, no missing recording or skipping frames, and supporting 1/2/4 speed playback. Cloud storage can even achieve 8x and 16x playback speed, and 7/15/30 days storage time is optional.

The Puffin Smart Camera Pro is equipped with a 3 million pixel camera, supports 2K video recording, and automatically switches to infrared night vision in extremely low light environments. It uses 940nm infrared lamp beads, with low noise and no red exposure. It also uses low-light full-color technology and super-sensitive CMOS to achieve high-quality color image effects in low-light environments.

Thanks to the distributed design of HarmonyOS, Smart Camera Pro can be transformed into a virtual camera, becoming the third eye in another space of Huawei mobile phones. In the smooth communication function, the real-time picture of the smart camera Pro can be presented to the other party.

It also supports the smart screen picture-in-picture function. When the baby is crying, the smart screen will display a floating window reminder.

The Puffin Smart Camera Pro is equipped with HiSilicon smart chip, which has upgraded computing power, and has more sensitive AI detection capabilities. It automatically filters the false alarms caused by the camera’s subtle movements, light changes and pets running around. It also supports AI mobile tracking function, which can automatically lock and turn on tracking shooting.

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