Huawei ranked first in China’s wearable device market share in the fourth quarter

Recently, a Huawei dial called “Space LCD” has been popular all over the Internet. On the short video platform, quite a few netizens have posted this dial. How hot is this dial? In the Huawei dial market, the highest download volume of this dial has reached tens of thousands. According to the unit price of the dial at 6 yuan, the designer has already achieved a million yuan in revenue by relying on this dial alone.

Behind the explosion of this phenomenon-level dial, it actually confirmed the rapid growth of Huawei’s wearable devices in the past two years. According to IDC’s “China Wearable Device Market Quarterly Tracking Report, Fourth Quarter of 2020” released in March , China’s wearable device market shipped 30.26 million units in the fourth quarter of 2020, a year-on-year increase of 7.7%. Among them, Huawei shipped 6.76 million units this quarter, an increase of 9.4% year-on-year, and its market share was 22.3%, maintaining its number one position in the market.

IDC pointed out in the report that headset products represented by Freebuds Pro and GT watch series represented by WATCH GT2 Pro have become its main sources of growth. It is worth mentioning that in the four quarters of 2020, Huawei occupied the first place in China’s wearable device market in terms of shipments and market share, winning the “four consecutive championships.”

The reason why Huawei’s wearable product data will perform well in 2020 is inseparable from the promotion of excellent products such as Huawei’s WATCH GT series. Before the birth of Huawei WATCH GT, the smart wearable market began to take shape. There were both veteran players like Apple and brands that were accustomed to winning with price-quality ratios like Xiaomi. Huawei WATCH GT can stand out among many smart wearable products and is inseparable. Its strong product competitiveness. Time to return to the release node of Huawei WATCH GT. At that time, most of the smartwatch products on the market followed a route similar to Apple Watch, pursuing more functional experience, but ignoring the long battery life that consumers are most concerned about. Huawei WATCH GT Grasping the pain points of consumers, the meaning of the name GT is very obvious-it is to be a “long-time high-speed driving” performance car in a smart watch. With the 14-day long battery life and rich sports health monitoring functions, Huawei WATCH GT has opened a precedent for the ultra-long battery life of smart watches, and it can even be said that it has opened up a new type of smart watches. With a slim body and strong endurance, the Huawei WATCH GT2 Pro series also supports more than 100+ sports modes, even sports such as golf, skiing, and dancing. The sports functions continue to be in line with and comparable to those of professionals. Those who spend less money can also get a more professional exercise monitoring experience.

Smartwatch is the device closest to the human body, so it has a natural advantage in data monitoring. Huawei WATCH GT series products have also joined the heart health research plan of the 301 Hospital. Through the watch, you can prevent and screen for atrial fibrillation and premature beats (ventricular). It also provides a series of follow-up and patient management services to help users establish an active and healthy lifestyle.

With its outstanding product power, the Huawei WATCH GT series has played an increasingly important role in consumers’ lives. It even broke the record of the fastest shipment of Huawei watches in the category of one million, and has been loved by many consumers.

Today, the Huawei WATCH GT series family has excellent products such as WATCH GT2 Pro, Huawei WATCH GT2 Porsche Design, Huawei WATCH GT2 Pro ECG, Huawei WATCH GT2, Huawei WATCH GT, etc. Compared with other similar products on the market, Huawei WATCH Under the impetus of Huawei’s innovation, the GT series family has shown the advantage of “I have no one for others, and I have an advantage for others”.

This achievement is due to Huawei’s in-depth understanding of smart wearables on the wrist, as well as deep insights into consumers’ invisible needs. Taking the WATCH GT2 series as an example, Huawei has brought sleep apnea research on the basis of joining the Heart Health Research Program of 301 Hospital: Based on Huawei’s heart rate and blood oxygen detection technology, it can record the heart rate and blood oxygen saturation during sleep throughout the night Degree to help analyze the risk of sleep apnea. This technology is suitable for obese people, elderly people, snoring people and long-term smoking and drinking people. Through monitoring during the whole night, it can catch risks in time, provide more professional scientific guidance and suggestions, and further improve the health management of users.

On the Huawei WATCH GT2 Pro ECG model released last year, based on the ECG function, Huawei also united with the “National Center for Telemedicine and Internet Medicine” to jointly provide Huawei wearable users with Holter collection function and follow-up intervention treatment services for abnormal ECG. In addition, the vascular health research project of the China Medical Promotion Association and Huawei’s vascular health research team is based on Huawei’s HUAWEI Research innovative research platform and the high-performance PPG and ECG sensors of Huawei’s smart wearable devices, allowing users to better understand their own vascular health status.

At last:

The core direction of smart wearable devices on the wrist in the future will definitely be “sports health.” The technological leap of smart watches will upgrade from the most basic health monitoring to disease prevention in the future, providing comprehensive and professional health management functions. Smart watches will provide more professional sports health monitoring functions, and Huawei is going more steadily on this road.

On January 23 this year, Huawei announced the latest three research projects in the health field, including hypertension management research, smart body temperature health research, and coronary heart disease screening research. This is the success of Huawei’s heart health research project, vascular health research project, After the sleep apnea research project, another big game in the health field. It is understood that the Huawei WATCH 3 series or Huawei WATCH GT3 series watches that will be released this year are very likely to be the first to carry the innovative results of these three research projects. This also means that these two series of new products are expected to support the monitoring of hypertension, body temperature, and coronary heart disease. The blessing of new research will make Huawei’s new watch products more prominent in the field of sports and health, and it is also the health segment of Huawei smartwatches. The leading position is raised again.

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