Huawei smart glasses patent authorized: including shooting, telescopic and rotating components

On May 11, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. obtained the patent authorization of “Smart Glasses and Smart Glasses Control System”, with the announcement number CN213182196U, and the application date is March 2020.

IT Home was informed that the company’s patent summary showed that the smart glasses include a glasses body, a shooting component, a telescopic component, and a rotating component. When you need to use the camera assembly for shooting or tracking, the telescopic assembly drives the camera assembly to extend out of the containment cavity; when you don’t need to use the camera assembly or when you enter a place that cannot be photographed, you can use the telescoping assembly to drive the camera assembly to retract In the receiving cavity, the user can wear the smart glasses in any scene; the rotating assembly drives the photographing assembly to rotate when the photographing assembly extends out of the receiving cavity to change the photographing direction of the photographing assembly, thereby increasing the photographing angle of view of the photographing assembly.

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