Huawei will release Hongmeng watches: It is expected to support independent calls, and health research will be upgraded

According to previous news, Huawei will bring Hongmeng-related product launches in June, and new products such as high-profile tablets and watches will also be unveiled. Approaching the product release, Huawei officially started the warm-up of new products.

Subsequently, Huawei’s consumer business COO He Gang further broke the news on Weibo, “Huawei WATCH 3 series, TA can sense your temperature and your breathing.” It seems that this time there will be a major upgrade in the health monitoring function.

At present, Huawei smart watches have two series, Huawei WATCH GT and Huawei WATCH. The former has achieved a win-win reputation and sales in the consumer market with its long battery life and rich sports health monitoring functions. According to IDC data, Huawei WATCH GT The series directly promoted Huawei’s fourth quarter of China’s market share of wearable devices, which can be described as a strong player in Huawei’s smart terminal products.

Huawei WATCH is a smart watch that focuses on smart experience and independent calls. It was first unveiled in 2015, followed by the launch of Huawei smart watch WATCH 2 (and 2018 models) in 2017, and then entered a four-year period of silence. During this period of time, the rising star Huawei WATCH GT made a big deal in the field of smart wear.

According to the official warm-up poster and the analysis of the breaking news, the new smart watch officially warmed up this time is the new WATCH 3 smart watch that will be released soon.

So what kind of surprises will Huawei WATCH 3 bring back to the market? The author may wish to guess and analyze from the three aspects of health, intelligence, and battery life:

The first is health. In order to better help consumers with professional active health management, on January 23, Huawei announced its latest three health studies in the field of active health management, including hypertension management research, smart body temperature health research, Coronary heart disease screening research is another big game that Huawei has played in the health field after the heart health research project, the vascular health research project, and the sleep apnea research project. According to the news, the upcoming Huawei WATCH 3 series or Huawei WATCH GT 3 series watches are very likely to be the first to carry the innovative results of these three research projects. As for which of these three major health studies, we still don’t know. However, at the May 19 press conference, Huawei officially announced a smartwatch that will support blood pressure measurement. It will be unveiled in the second half of the year. From the appearance and release time Point to infer, this watch is not Huawei WATCH 3. Therefore, Huawei WATCH 3 is very likely to be one of the researches equipped with smart body temperature health research and coronary heart disease screening research.

Secondly, it is smart experience. Intelligence is the gene of Huawei WATCH series watches, and Huawei WATCH 3 is equipped with the complete HarmonyOS. HarmonyOS is a new generation of intelligent terminal operating system, which provides a unified language for the intelligence, interconnection and collaboration of different devices. When all the devices equipped with the Harmony system are linked together, they will form a human-centric super terminal. In this super terminal, HarmonyOS organically integrates people, equipment, and scenes to form a full-scenario smart life. These different intelligences Terminals can realize fast discovery, fast connection, hardware mutual assistance, and resource sharing between each other, realizing a completely seamless user experience.

For example, after Huawei WATCH 3 is equipped with HarmonyOS, the linked mobile phone can be used as a vlog artifact to record videos and take photos, linked to headphones to listen to music and control noise reduction, linked to large screens for video calls, or linked to smart homes to achieve remote control or More convenient and smart experience of 1+1>2.

In addition, Huawei WATCH 3 will also support independent eSiM calls. After all, this is also the traditional advantage of Huawei WATCH.

Finally, let’s analyze the battery life. At present, most smart watches that support independent calls have very average battery life, and charging once a day is the norm. Huawei watches have been well received in terms of long battery life. It can be speculated that this time Huawei WATCH 3 will also bring excellent battery life while supporting eSiM.

As the most high-end flagship series among Huawei watches, Huawei WATCH is just like the Huawei Mate series. It is based on the flagship standard in terms of design, materials, craftsmanship, functions, and experience. Although the official information of Huawei WATCH 3 has not been announced yet, It is conceivable that after the release of this watch, a new wave of innovation will be set off in the field of smart wear.

On June 2, 2021, Huawei WATCH 3 will be officially released, so stay tuned.

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