I can finally unlock the iPhone with a mask! The official version of Watch OS 7.4 will be released next week

In the early morning of today (April 21), Apple officially held a new product launch conference, bringing hardware products such as the iPhone 12 purple version, iPad Pro, iMac all-in-one, and also announced the iOS 14.5 system.

In addition to these, there are media reports that Apple will push the official version of Watch OS 7.4 next week. This version finally brings the official debut of Apple Watch unlocking, allowing users to directly unlock the iPhone through the watch while wearing a mask. During the epidemic Especially practical.

Apple Watch can directly unlock iPhone

It is reported that Apple has launched a beta version of this feature as early as this year. When the iPhone determines that the user is wearing a mask and the nose and mouth are covered, it will automatically turn to unlock with Apple Watch. The experience is similar to unlocking a Mac computer with Apple Watch. The whole process is Very smooth and smooth.

The introduction of this function will also bring great convenience to the use of iPhone under the epidemic.

In addition, the news also said that the ECG electrocardiogram function of Apple Watch will also cover more countries. At present, Vietnam and Australia will be the first batch to go online.

It is reported that ECG can provide more professional electrocardiogram analysis to detect a variety of common arrhythmias such as atrial fibrillation and premature beats. With all-weather health monitoring and precise and professional analysis capabilities, users can keep abreast of their heart health status and grasp their own body’s hidden dangers at any time.

It is worth mentioning that the combination of ECG electrocardiogram and blood oxygen detection can also perform simple self-examination of the new coronavirus, and because the watch can be carried with you, it is convenient to find symptoms as soon as possible.

At present, Apple has launched a study on Apple Watch to detect the new crown, and will jointly explore with the University of Washington and the Seattle Flu Research Center, and is publicly convening testers in the United States. Participating users will get an Apple Watch for free.

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