Introducing high refresh screen for the first time! iPhone 12S series upgrade LTPO screen: support 120Hz, interest screen display

By convention, Apple will officially launch the new iPhone 12S series in September this year.

According to mspoweruser reports, due to the fact that many Apple employees work remotely from home this year, it is difficult to guarantee the confidentiality of its new iPhone products. This has also caused the leak of the iPhone 12S series to be more serious than ever.

It is reported that they have some exclusive news, one of which shows that Apple will bring an Always-On display to the iPhone 12S series, which is similar to the screen display function in Android phones. This is the first time that Apple has introduced this Android machine. Popular and practical functions.

However, it is reported that the information screen display function of the iPhone 12S series is not too complicated, and may be similar to the information displayed by the Apple Watch.

However, because the battery life performance of iPhone products has always been poor, many netizens worry that the screen display will once again have a big impact on iPhone battery life.

Obviously, Apple also realized this problem in advance.

According to previous news, the iPhone 12S series uses the LTPO screen provided by Samsung. Compared with the previous LTPS technology, it has the advantages of higher charge mobility and faster pixel response, which makes the screen response faster and consumes less power. Can be significantly reduced.

More importantly, the LTPO screen will also bring a 120Hz high refresh rate to the iPhone 12S series. It also supports intelligent adjustment of the screen refresh rate, which can automatically switch between 1-120Hz. This is also the first time that Apple has equipped a mobile phone with a high refresh rate. screen.

The low refresh rate of 1Hz and the low power consumption of the LTPO screen can minimize the power consumption of the iPhone 12S series screen display, and it will hardly affect the battery life of the phone. Users can rest assured and boldly use the screen display function .

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