iPhone 13 new feature exposure: support astrophotography + interest screen display

After the major Android phones showed off the magical skills of “shooting the moon”, Apple has also strengthened its research and development related to astrophotography.

According to foreign media EverythingApplePro, the new iPhone 13 series that Apple will release in the fall of 2021 will be replaced with larger sensors and will support astrophotography.

The astrophotography function is actually what everyone is more familiar with is shooting the moon. The astrophotography mode of the iPhone 13 will automatically recognize the night sky and automatically switch to the corresponding mode, intelligently adjust the exposure and other parameters according to the detected moon and stars, so that users can take the desired photos.

Another new feature of iPhone 13 is to support the on-screen display, where the clock and battery charging are always visible, and past notifications are displayed through “bars and icons”.

According to the news, the iPhone 13 will use an OLED screen with an LTPO adaptive refresh rate that supports a maximum refresh rate of 120Hz to ensure that the mobile phone screen achieves a high refresh rate while having a lower power consumption performance to extend the battery life of the mobile phone.

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