IPhone 13 preview: storage upgrade again, prices will rise

According to past experience, the storage capacity of smart phones will increase every once in a while. When higher-spec storage versions appear, small-capacity storage models will gradually be phased out.

Take Apple as an example. The storage space of the iPhone has been upgraded several times. The iPhone 4 starts at 16GB and reaches a maximum of 32GB; the maximum storage version of the iPhone 4s has grown to 64GB, and the corresponding price has risen.

At present, the storage of Android models is basically 128GB and up to 512GB. Of course, this also meets the needs of consumers and the storage needs of massive files in the era of big data, but it still needs to refer to personal usage habits.

But one thing to note is that because the internal storage is not replaceable and there is no possibility to expand the memory card, iPhone users often can only buy a more surplus storage version, and the difference in the price of iPhone devices with different storage specifications is not a small amount. Sometimes It will also make consumers very painful.

Apple will still bring a brand new iPhone in 2021, and we will call it “iPhone 13” for the time being.

Recently, news said that Apple’s new iPhone is likely to add a version with a 1TB storage specification, making the phone a true mobile hard drive.

If the news is true, then Apple is likely to cancel the 128GB version and start directly from 256GB. Users can once again experience the feeling of “consumption upgrade”.

Apple is not the first manufacturer to add a 1TB storage version to its mobile phone. As early as 2 years ago, Samsung launched the Galaxy S10 model with 1TB storage.

At present, only the iPad Pro series of Apple’s mobile devices have a 1TB capacity, but in terms of positioning, the iPad Pro is a tablet computer after all, and it also shoulders the important task of “your next computer”. It looks even more important to have 1TB storage. reasonable.

Does the new iPhone increase the price of 1TB in disguise? I think that the improvement of the entire storage specification is also Apple’s consistent pricing strategy. This setting can undoubtedly increase the profit margin of the intermediate version products-such as 256GB and 512GB.

For consumers, if you are a large game player, or often do video and photo shooting and other activities, it is reasonable for friends who just need storage space to choose a device with a larger storage space, but you also have to bear a certain storage premium.

And users who are very restrained in their use of space and will clean up regularly, even if they choose the 128 or 256GB version, it is more than enough, but they also need to consider their own mobile phone years.

It is worth mentioning that the possible iPhone 13 series in the future has long been considered as the “Thirteen Fragrance”. Pro models may use LTPS technology and support ProMotion? 120Hz high refresh rate screen, and the refresh rate can be dynamically adjusted to save The battery consumption of the phone.

In addition, the under-screen Touch ID may also appear on this generation of iPhone.

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