IPhone without bangs is coming! Apple’s under-screen sensor patent exposure: Face ID components are completely hidden

As a well-deserved giant in the technology industry, Appleā€™s iPhone has failed to bring innovative designs in recent years, and Liu Haiping, which has been in use since the iPhone X model, has also been spit out and is far away from the Android model. .

Judging from the latest news, Apple is also aware of this problem and will bring some significant changes to the iPhone products in the past two years, one of which is to cut off the “bangs.”

According to relevant media reports, Apple recently filed a patent application called “Photodetector Integrated into Thin Film Transistor Backplane” in the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

The patent confirms that Apple is developing under-screen sensor technology. They are trying to place the camera, depth sensor, biometric sensor and other sensors under the screen, which can be completely hidden, thus achieving a mobile phone screen without bangs.

It is worth noting that this new patent of Apple can not only place the current Face ID and other components under the screen, but also realize the function similar to the fingerprint recognition under the screen, and it is further than the fingerprint recognition of the current Android camp. Biometric technologies such as fingerprints, palm prints and retina.

The application of this patent will also make it possible for the iPhone to completely erase the fringe area, achieve a true full-screen effect, and bring a more shocking visual experience.

It is a pity that the research and development cycle of Apple’s products is at least more than one year, which means that this year’s iPhone 12s series design has been basically finalized, and it will not be equipped with previous patents to achieve a screen solution without bangs.

However, it was previously reported that Apple has begun testing the iPhone without bangs equipped with related technologies, and it is expected to officially debut next year.

It is worth mentioning that the previously exposed folding screen iPhone will also officially debut next year. Based on the current known news, the folding screen iPhone will also adopt a screen design without bangs, and it should also carry the patent exposed this time. Technology is worth looking forward to.

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