Is DJI Air 2S worth buying? You need to know this

In the field of consumer drones, DJI has always been at the forefront, always challenging itself. In the past two years, the pace of DJI’s release of consumer drone products has accelerated. Last year, there were popular king Mavic Air 2 and the end of the year Mavic mini 2, and this year FJI FPV and DJI Air 2S. The FJI FPV and DJI Air 2S are only one month apart, and the second half of the year does not rule out that they will continue to launch new products. DJI is really getting more and more fierce. Under the fierce temptation of DJI, how should consumers choose the first drone of their lives? The following is an analysis for you one by one.

In fact, there are not many choices for DJI consumer drones, so far there are only three series, they are Mavic/Phantom/FPV.

General players should choose the more portable Mavic series

If you just want to play ordinary aerial photography instead of racing, you don’t need to consider the FPV series. The appearance and price of Mavic and Phantom are very different. They used to have a big performance gap, but after the new Mavic Air 2S came out, things were different. Although it is undeniable that Phantom is better for obstacle avoidance and wind resistance, in contrast, I think current consumers should prefer Mavic when buying.

Mavic has three more types to choose from, mini, Air and Pro. The naming rules seem to refer to the iPad. Pay attention to the distinction in the naming, the same is the “Royal” series of products, the new generation of products all use “DJI” instead of “Royal Mavic”.

①Mini is an entry level, only palm-sized. It is compact and cheap, but the disadvantage is that it has no obstacle avoidance and weak wind resistance.  ② The Air system will be larger and more expensive, but the static image quality and dynamic video specifications are higher, obstacle avoidance, and wind resistance coefficient are better.  ③The Pro series will use better sensors (blessed by Hasselblad Faith), extended zoom version (equivalent focal length 24-48mm), higher video specifications (Dlog), etc.

Regardless of the appearance and performance of the three, there are big differences, but basically the same is that a single battery can only last for about 30 minutes.

DJI Air 2S official video screenshot

Originally, this positioning was reasonable. But starting with Mavic Air 2 and DJI Air 2S, things got wrong. Mavic Air 2 was launched with 4K 60p, surpassing the more expensive older brother Mavic 2 Pro; DJI Air 2S launched with a 1-inch sensor, directly in line with the older brother Mavic 2 Pro and Phamton 4 Pro V2.0, but it is cheaper At the same time, it also introduced more excellent performance (such as 5.4K ultra-clear video).

Although the introduction of new products is too powerful, it will hurt the hearts of old users. But after all, we also understand the principle of buying early and enjoying early, and new products with better performance are what we are after. This time the new product DJI Air 2S has a very good price/performance ratio. It has a one-inch sensor and a 10-bit Dlog-M mode. Focus 2.0, Smart Follow 4.0, and Point of Interest 3.0 are all very smart and easy to use functions, and stand-alone. Starting at only 6,499 yuan, it is very, very worthy of novice players.

I also recommend the suit version to every novice. Although the price will be higher than the stand-alone version, it is really worth it. This package version is not like other digital products. The three batteries in the package version are enough to pay for it, not to mention that it comes with things such as a light reduction mirror and a backpack. If the drone does not have multiple batteries for a single trip, you will feel very upset. Therefore, I personally think that the package version of Sanden is very worthwhile.

After purchasing the drone, how do I start flying? In fact, don’t watch a lot of cool videos on the Internet. Many techniques are gradually cultivated. Novices must work steadily and get a good foundation first. In addition, drones are never toys, and safety in use is always the first. At the beginning, be sure to go to an empty place to start playing, and even if you only learn to take off and land, and think you need to do more operations to get familiar, you should practice more. Don’t think that you can fly into the sky as soon as you buy it. The bombing is small and hurts people. Therefore, I highly recommend that novices buy DJI care to change this insurance service as they wish, because this service can not only help you renew, but also has third-party liability insurance. With it, you can fly more securely.

There are no more than three ways to play drones-pure flying experience, shooting static images, and shooting dynamic videos. I also recommend that beginners use the first way to get familiar with it when they just start. The so-called two-mindedness is often not without good results. At the beginning, don’t think about moving the mirror and other things. The actions of forward, backward, up and down, and left and right side flying can be completely reflected on the remote control, and then it is considered a pass.

Once you have mastered the basics of flying, you can start to record the mirror moving video. We say that mirror movement is actually nothing more than several types-flying forward and backward, flying left and right, hovering and panning, rotating orbiting, lifting spiral, asymptotic distance, forward and backward overlooking, etc. Don’t look at these terms as professional. After you master the basics, you can understand these derived mirrors without teaching. And the look of high-end mirrors like the surround, in fact, now DJI directly generates it for you with one click, and the same is true for the dive ones.

Moreover, after you master the lens movement, you need to figure out how the fast and slow shots will match the BGM. Aerial photography is really not as simple as recording. How to use the shots properly is also a technical skill. As for me, I especially like aerial still photos, and I would like to share my post-production experience here. First of all, it is very important to shoot in RAW format!

I use Mavic Air 2, which is much smaller than the latest DJI Air 2S sensor, only 1/2 inch, so the image quality performance is not as good as DJI Air 2S.

For post-grading photos, the RAW space is much larger. I personally suggest that ordinary players should not shoot JPG in general. JPG is fine when the camera is automatically HDR. If you want to use color toning, the color gap is too obvious, after all, it is a lossy format. The .DNG file generated by RAW, if it is DJI Air 2S, can still have 12 levels of dynamic range, which is quite good.

Here, I use the original file of Air 2 as a color-grading demonstration to teach you how to adjust and try the more popular green orange style. The tool used is Camera Raw of Photoshop.

In the sunset scene, the white balance is already 5800 by default. It can be warmer, so I adjusted it to 6000. The film itself needs to ensure high light, so the shadows and blacks in the dark parts can only be pulled back by +100. Highlights and white do not move, texture clarity can be increased, and the most important thing to remove mist must be increased.

Next, we will fine-tune the local color. In order to slightly enhance the contrast, we first pull out a slight S curve. And in the color calibration, the blue primary color and saturation are shifted to the left.

After that, we will adjust the setting sun and the cyan of the sky. Mainly the orange hue and saturation are to the right, and the blue saturation needs to be increased a bit, and it’s done.

Experienced friends noticed that we did not reduce RAW noise. I recommend Dfine 2 in the free plug-in Nik Collection. It is fully automatic and does not require complicated operations. One-click noise reduction works well.

In fact, the latter part of the process can really be done very quickly. Personally, I think the final effect will be more beautiful than ordinary HDR, and the color freedom is higher. I hope that this green orange style can give you more color ideas, and you can create more of your own style.

Even if you only shoot static images, aerial photography can capture images that are invisible under normal circumstances, which is more like opening up a new world for photographers.

Shared bicycles are piled up collectively

After 100% magnification

The above picture was taken when I flew the drone to an area that I usually can’t reach. At first, I was just wondering why there was a blue color. After I lowered the flying altitude, I was surprised that these are shared bicycles on the road. I don’t know why, they are all piled up here.

Aerial photography after nightfall will be more attractive, but I recommend that friends with a certain amount of flying experience only fly at night. The picture above is a crossroad that I must pass through every day to and from get off work. Even though I have been working for many years, I have never tried to shoot it completely overhead. Through certain composition and slow shutter shooting, I found this intersection so beautiful for the first time. This is the shock that aerial photography can bring to people.

Aerial photography is really interesting.

to sum up

Last year’s Mavic Air 2 should be regarded as a truly fragrant drone for the whole people, and this year’s DJI Air 2S is even more fragrant, becoming the best product among DJI’s current consumer drones. However, according to what I said, if you want to buy a three-power premium package, the overall price is 8399 yuan, and DJI Care is already over 9,000 yuan. I suggest that everyone can wait for the major promotional festivals before starting, with a 24 interest-free installment, three to four hundred yuan a month, I think it is completely fine. Buy early and enjoy early. I hope everyone can enjoy the real happiness brought by aerial photography as soon as possible.

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