Is it too troublesome to clean your hair at home? You need this artifact

If you are a girl, or there are girls at home, the hair falling on the floor of the bathroom and bedroom is really everywhere. And the problem is that it’s hard to take care of the fallen hair on the ground. It’s easy to wrap around the broom to clean with a broom, and it’s easy to wrap around the air inlet with a vacuum cleaner. In short, it’s troublesome.

Today, I recommend an artifact that can clean your hair, that is, the new sweeping robot T7S series launched by Rock some time ago.

Why is the Roborock T7S series sweeping and mopping robot easy to clean hair? The main reasons are as follows.

First of all, the Roborock sweeping and mopping robot T7S has made effective improvements on the glue brush. This time the glue brush adopts a precision TPU design. The surface has a precision design of 5 long and 5 short, which can effectively ensure the wind pressure and dust removal effect, and it is more effective. To avoid the problem of hair entanglement, the hair can be easily sucked into the dust box or slid into the hair storage bins at both ends of the main brush.

Secondly, the maximum suction power of the Roborock T7S series during operation can reach 2500Pa, and the fan rotates at a high speed of 20,000/min. The fine dust hidden in the cracks of the floor can also be pulled out strongly, and the hair on the ground will naturally not be missed.

The third is that the T7S series supports the new stone automatic dust collection charging stand. With the charging stand, it can prevent hair from gathering and entangled in the dust box for a long time, making it difficult to dump. The automatic dust collection charging stand can automatically collect dust. It is equipped with the “15 cone cyclone technology”, which throws dust into the dust bucket through strong centrifugal force. Compared with other cleaning appliances, which mainly rely on the filter to separate the dust, it can achieve more Efficient separation can also effectively prevent the filter from being clogged with dust, which will cause the machine to fail to work and even affect the service life. This technology has also been certified by TÜV Rheinland without loss of suction. You know, the easy winding of hair can easily block the filter, and these features of the stone automatic dust collection charging stand are simply designed for hair.

Based on these functions, I did a test with T7S Plus as an example, which is to put some fine lines on the floor to simulate hair. You can see that these fine lines are swept away by T7S Plus. After scanning, check the rubber brush at the bottom, and the surface is not entangled with fine thread.

Then start dust collection. When collecting dust, as long as the T7S is automatically recharged to the dust collection charging stand, the automatic dust collection will be turned on immediately. When the dust is collected, the exhaust vent will quickly exhaust the air, and the dust bucket will make a relatively loud noise, but it will only last about 15 seconds, so it will not have much impact.

After the dust collection is over, open the dust box of T7S Plus, and you can see that the dust swept in during the cleaning process is basically concentrated in the dust bucket, including the thin thread swept in. There is only a little residue in the dust box. The dust effect is still very good.

If the dust bucket is full after long time use, you need to dump the dust in the dust bucket manually. It is also very convenient when cleaning, just press the red button at the bottom, the bottom of the bucket will open, and then pour out the dust. In this way, you hardly need to deal with tangled hair during the whole process, and the cleaning process saves a lot of trouble.

In addition, many people now like to lay carpets, so the hair may fall on the carpet, which is even more difficult to clean, and ordinary brooms have basically been killed. This problem is also a piece of cake for the T7S series, because it is equipped with an intelligent lifting and wiping system.

An important function of the Roborock T7S series intelligent lifting and mopping system is to clean carpets. Specifically, on the T7S Plus, Stone additionally introduces an ultrasonic carpet recognition technology, which can identify the carpet in the home, and then use the lifting system to step on the carpet to clean it.

The factory default of the sweeping and mopping robot is “adaptive carpet mode”, that is, after encountering the carpet during the sweeping and mopping process, it will automatically raise the mopping module to pressurize the carpet. This is mainly suitable for short-haired carpets (≤5mm ) Or floor mat environment.

Users can also change the carpet cleaning method that suits them through the mobile app, including adaptive mode, carpet avoidance mode and carpet ignoring mode.

In actual use and testing, after the stone T7S Plus recognizes the carpet, the carpet area will be shown on the map in the form of a dotted shadow, and the “carpet area” will be marked, so that everyone can see the location of the carpet more intuitively. Note that this mark is automatically marked by the system and does not need to be marked manually.

In the actual test, when the T7S series recognizes the carpet, the sweeping and mopping robot will actively raise the mopping module to clean the carpet, prevent the carpet from being wetted, and reduce the resistance to walking on the carpet.

With this ability to clean the carpet, even if some daily falling hair accumulates on the carpet in the home, it can be easily cleaned up. It can be said that it really makes the hair unable to hide.

Generally speaking, when dealing with hair, the Roborock T7S series is easily competent. If you are facing the problem of cleaning your hair at home, then the Human T7S series can undoubtedly become your best choice.

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