It is reported that Apple is preparing for iPhone SE3: A14 blessing, CNY3,500 starting

According to the latest report, Apple is preparing a successor to the iPhone 8 Plus, which is the iPhone SE Plus, and its starting price is expected to be around CNY3500.

The report mentioned that it is not yet certain when Apple will release this phone, but its research and development work has started long ago, and related models are basically ready, similar to the previous iPhone SE2 positioning.

According to the previous industry chain, Apple has no plans to update the iPhone SE series in the foreseeable future, but the potentially larger screen new iPhone SE Plus is in preparation.

Summarizing the previous news, the iPhone SE3 screen size is upgraded to 6.1 inches, but it still uses the physical Touch ID fingerprint recognition button. The back is equipped with a 12 million pixel single camera, 6 portrait light effects, OIS optical image stabilization, and intelligent HDR shooting. .

In addition, the new machine will also use the latest A14 processor, which is exactly the same as the top-equipped flagship model, and adds IP67 dust and water resistance, which can resist solid objects such as dust and sand. At the same time, it also supports 15cm-1m underwater Can work at least 30 minutes.

Now the question is, if this new machine is released, would you consider buying it?

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