It is reported that Apple’s VR device will be released early next year, and the manufacturing cost will exceed $500

There have been many rumors about Apple’s VR devices before, and now the latest news shows that the new products are expected to be available in the first quarter of next year.

The latest report claims that Apple’s AR headset will be similar in design to competing products. According to JPMorgan Chase analysts, Apple glasses may arrive in the first quarter of 2022. Appleā€™s suppliers may provide all components to the company before the fourth quarter of 2021, allowing the technology giant to launch a launch early next year.

Like most competing products, this head-mounted wearable device will use a similar design, but its main specifications will focus on optics. In short, Apple may integrate six lenses, a LiDAR scanner and a ToF sensor to provide a deep AR experience. Unfortunately, this experience may ultimately be expensive for consumers.

The BOM or bill of materials of the Apple glasses may exceed $500, and the costs of marketing and research and development will also increase. Even if Apple has different suppliers to provide key components and thus obtain price leverage, complex product design may increase the retail price of Apple glasses. Another area that may be difficult to achieve is weight. AR headsets need to be lightweight so that users can continue to wear them for a long time without complaining of excessive fatigue.

These aspects may eventually make Apple glasses an expensive product. We have to see whether it provides features that benefit users, rather than being classified as a niche product. Of course, we cannot know these details until the actual announcement.

Previous news also showed that Apple’s VR device will be equipped with a new system, adjusted on the basis of iOS, and will be more closely integrated with the iPhone.

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