JBL T280TWS PRO experience: use design and sound quality to explain the trend of personality

Appleā€™s AirPods lead the trend of true wireless earphones, but we found that the design of TWS true wireless earphones on the market is basically made of plastic, and the color scheme is black or white, which does seem a little bit for some young users who are pursuing personality. insufficient. JBL’s T280TWS PRO true wireless Bluetooth headset may be a good choice for trendy people. It not only brings a metallic design, but also has three fashionable colors. In addition, T280TWS PRO also brings excellent active noise reduction + passive noise reduction, bringing a different quiet.

First look at the packaging. The design of JBL T280TWS PRO is also quite trendy, and it has a “HitHot” flavor. With the copywriting of “DARE TO LISTEN”, it feels like a product designed for trendy people.

The headset in our hands is a passionate red color. The metallic charging box and the red color are more individual. The JBL logo on the battery box also meets the aesthetics of many young people.

Opening the battery box, you can see that the headset design is consistent with the battery box design style. The surface of the headset is also sprayed with a metal texture similar to the aluminum unit patch, and the exquisite detail outline looks very metal texture. The headset is actually made of plastic material, so the weight of the headset is also very light.

JBL T280TWS PRO supports hybrid digital noise reduction and noise reduction technology to enhance the noise reduction effect. At the same time, based on more than 70 years of experience in international stage and recording studio sound of JBL, it has been carefully tuned to bring rich music details, wide frequency range, full dynamics, balanced tone, and its treble is crystal clear, the bass is low and pure, and the sense of hierarchy is distinct.

JBL T280TWS PRO uses a 6mm drive unit, and the sound unit is designed with PEEK+PU double-layer high-tech materials. The lightweight diaphragm has a strong tension. While the rigidity of the special double-layer vibrating mode material is enhanced, it has lower low-frequency diving ability, and durable and stable acoustic characteristics. The high-strength diaphragm makes the total harmonic distortion (THD) lower, the overall flexibility is sufficient, the low-frequency dive is powerful, and the high-quality sound is presented.

At the same time, in terms of wearing experience, JBL T280TWS PRO provides a comfortable wearing experience. The headset comes with a variety of ergonomically designed split earplug silicone sleeves and winged earplug sleeves in different sizes, which can be flexibly combined according to your actual situation. replace. JBL T280TWS PRO supports IPX5 waterproof and wing-enhanced earplugs, so you are not afraid of sports environment challenges.

JBL T280TWS PRO adopts the industry-leading Bluetooth 5.0 chip platform, supports dual-channel simultaneous audio transmission, and the connection is reliable and stable. In terms of battery life, for the JBL T280TWS PRO true wireless headset, with noise reduction turned off, the headset can last for 6 hours on a single charge, and the headset charging box can also provide an additional 18 hours of battery life, which can achieve a hybrid battery life of up to 24 hours. In addition, JBL T280TWS PRO supports fast charging, which can last for 1 hour after 15 minutes of charging.

The first time you use it, you need a mobile phone to connect to the JBL T280TWS PRO with Bluetooth. When the headset is fully charged, the headset will automatically enter the pairing mode. After the pairing is successful, every time you open the battery box and take out the headset, it will automatically connect to the phone.

The JBL T280TWS PRO true wireless headset adopts a point-touch operation mode. Whether it is answering a call or switching music, there is no need to take out the phone, just touch the headset unit to simply complete the operation. However, the operation gestures are preset and do not support user customization. You can only spend time to understand and get used to it through the manual, which has a certain learning cost.

For music playback, tap the left or side earphone to play and pause the music, double-click the right earphone to realize the function of one song. For volume control, long press the left earphone to reduce the volume, and long press the right earphone to increase the volume. When there is an incoming call, you can click any earphone to answer and hang up. If you want to reject the call, just press and hold any earphone. Three clicks on either side of the earphone can call out the voice assistant, double-click the left earphone to switch the noise reduction function.

Noise reduction experience:
JBL T280TWS PRO adopts hybrid active digital noise reduction and passive sound insulation technology, and adopts dual microphones with feedforward + feedforward, which can accurately generate directional sound waves to cancel noise. Actually, it can filter most of the noise in the subway, especially some low-frequency noise, bringing a comfortable and quiet feeling. In addition, in the office scene, JBL T280TWS PRO also has a good noise reduction effect. Wearing headphones to turn on noise reduction, the keyboard sound and human voice in the environment are basically filtered out.

The tuning of JBL T280TWS PRO is biased towards pop music and R&B. At the same time, the tone is slightly warmer, but it has a certain wide sound field. JBL T280TWS PRO uses a 6mm unit and a double-layer diaphragm, which really brings a very surging bass performance. The bass part needs to be quantity, depth and depth. It is really suitable for listening to popular or heavy metal music. In the mid-range, the performance of the human voice is relatively average, and it feels like the low-frequency is covering the mid-range. In terms of high frequency, it can restore the high frequency performance of some instruments, but it still feels a bit burr. Of course, for R&B or heavy metal music that doesn’t pay much attention to mid and high frequencies, JBL T280TWS PRO can still bring a good sense of hearing. In general, JBL T280TWS PRO is a more biased headset, perhaps the same as the exterior design, a combination of metallic flavor and popularity.

to sum up:
Among the all-in-one plastic and black and white TWS headphones, JBL T280TWS PRO does appear to be very individual, especially suitable for young users who pursue fashion and personality. JBL T280TWS PRO has added a noise reduction function to bring a better user experience, plus the tuning that favors pop music, I believe it will be sought after by many young users.

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