Lenovo wireless headset CNY29 promotion: magnetic design lasts 8 hours

Lenovo wireless neckband headset HE05 x has a big price cut, the original price is CNY69, and you can get CNY40 coupons, and the price is only CNY29.

This headset uses a memory cable that combines titanium alloy and liquid silicone. It is flexible and skin-friendly, and can be bent arbitrarily. It is IPX5 waterproof and resistant to wind and rain.

With a magnetic design, it not only maintains a comfortable fit with the neck, but also facilitates folding and storage during travel. It is not easy to wrap and is suitable for all-day wear.

The earphones are available in cool black, Chinese red, and Haoyue white colors, which are fashionable and versatile. Support line control, can switch songs, play pause, answer and hang up calls, etc.

The earphone is designed with a 45-degree tilt to provide comfortable wearing and excellent sound insulation and noise reduction. The sporty ear caps are made of silicone material, which is stable against the locking ears, without fear of being thrown off.

Lenovo’s wireless neck-mounted headset uses Bluetooth 5.0 technology, which can continuously connect without stuttering, faster transmission speed, and longer transmission distance. Equipped with a new second-generation full-featured chip, lower power consumption, longer battery life, up to 8 hours, 2 hours of charging, and about 100 songs.

Thanks to the combination of carbon fiber composite diaphragm + large moving coil acoustic technology, which resonates under the action of magnetism and electricity, Lenovo wireless neckband headphones restore the high frequency and brightness of music, the mid frequency is full, and the low frequency is thick and flexible.

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