Lightweight design RGB colorful lighting effects, Rapoo V360 “hole hole” gaming mouse evaluation

For e-sports gamers, a handy mouse can greatly enhance our gaming experience, especially MOBA and FPS games. Most of the operations are done by the mouse, so a high-performance gaming mouse It is very important. In addition, the DPI of FPS games is usually low, and players need to move the mouse a lot, so the lightweight mouse is more conducive to precise positioning and convenient for players to use.

So how to reduce the weight of the mouse, in addition to reducing the internal accessories, the shell is also used in the form of digging to further reduce the weight of the entire mouse. Today we got a lightweight gaming mouse Rapoo V360 from Rapoo, Let’s take a look at the improvements in appearance and performance of this mouse.

Appearance: The palm rest and side skirts adopt a replaceable modular design

In terms of appearance, we can see that this mouse adopts a standard gaming mouse design, and the size is a medium-sized mouse design. In addition, for most users, this appearance can meet the aesthetic requirements of most users. It’s cool to go up.

The workmanship and materials of the entire mouse are still very good, the texture is good in the hand, and the lightweight “hole” design, the mouse is very light, suitable for some e-sports games that require a large movement of the mouse, such as MOBA Class and FPS games.

From the side, the Rapoo V360 mouse has a beautiful streamline, which fits our palms well, and feels comfortable to hold. At the same time, the two function buttons on the side are the web page forward and backward buttons by default, and users can also customize the function of the buttons. , Not only that, we can also see that the side skirts on the side also use the digging design, and the side suction design is convenient for us to replace.

Rapoo V360 is a right-handed mouse with left and right buttons and a scroll wheel on the top, as well as a DPI adjustment button. The officially claimed life of this button is up to 20 million times. In actual use, it feels crisp and rebounds very quickly, without the feeling of muddy water . In addition, the mouse wheel also has colorful RGB lighting effects, creating a very cool gaming atmosphere for players. At the same time, we can also use Rapoo’s exclusive driver for lighting adjustments, button functions and macro adjustments, which is very playable.

In terms of replacing side skirts and palm rests, Rapoo V360 provides customized replaceable side skirts and palm rests, which are fixed by magnetic attraction, which is very convenient to replace. This is mainly convenient for users who like heavier weight and can be adjusted according to different players. The weight of the mouse, and then get a better feel.

Excellent performance 7-speed DPI preset adjustment

In terms of performance, Rapoo V360 uses a customized PWM3327 optical engine, which is precise in positioning. At the same time, the mouse integrates 7-speed adjustable DPI, and the gears are 400/800/1200/1600/2000/2400/3000, which is convenient for most The users make adjustments by themselves, which is very convenient for daily use.

At the same time, we can also see that the bottom of the whole piece is also designed with a hole-digging hole, so that the weight of the entire mouse is only 85g, which is very light. With the five feet at the bottom, it moves very smoothly, and the positioning is very precise and large. Enhance our daily gaming experience.

Colorful RGB lighting effects, easy to adjust, gorgeous colors

Rapoo V360 has 16.8 million colors of colorful RGB lighting effects. The default streamer marquee has a very good effect and excellent visual effects. At the same time, we can also set in the computer’s Rapoo custom driver to customize the lighting effects. It is very simple and can be The playability is also excellent.

Rapoo V360 uses an extremely lightweight design, and modular and replaceable design, making this mouse more practical, in addition, the entire mouse uses PMW3327 optical engine, excellent performance, and colorful RGB lighting The addition of effects provides players with a very good gaming atmosphere. For gamers who pursue personalization, this lightweight mouse is more suitable for FPS game players.

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