Mavericks electric GOVA F0 experience

As we all know, among many electric vehicle brands, Mavericks has been gradually gaining the favor of many consumers with its excellent quality, rich functions, and worry-free maintenance. However, many friends also know that the improvement of quality also means that the price will increase accordingly.

When the electric vehicle market is booming and consumers realize the differences between electric vehicle products through comparison, whether it is from the perspective of benefiting consumers or to promote the healthy development of the market, the Mavericks need to launch a new one. People-friendly electric car products. Therefore, recently we can see GOVA F0 enter the market. GOVA F0 is eye-catching. It is not only a brand-new design, but also not only a starting price of 2,699 yuan, but also its slogan-five kills. How does this car achieve this goal? Let us take a look today.

Appreciation and analysis of Mavericks electric GOVA F0

When I first saw GOVA F0, I thought that its first kill should be its beauty. With the development of the electric vehicle market becoming more and more mature, the styling of electric vehicles of 2000 and below gradually deviated from the model of “Magic Bike Modification”, and gradually had its own ideas. GOVA F0 adopts a design language called “blade design” and adopts an integrated full-enclosed body. The vehicle line looks relatively sharp, closer to the shape of a scooter, and has been distinguished from competing products in terms of shape.

In order to make it easy for everyone to show their individuality, Mavericks provides a variety of color matching GOVA F0 for everyone to choose from. Seeing different color schemes, everyone might think that this is sprayed, but it is not. The Mavericks directly chose the environmentally friendly PP color shell, which means that this color matching can be achieved without spraying, which is not only environmentally friendly, but also does not change color when exposed to sunlight. This is put in the use scene of electric vehicles, but it is quite practical.

After the first glance, let’s take a look at the design details of GOVA F0. I don’t know if everyone is the same as the editor. When looking at cars, they will focus on lighting. I have used halogen bulbs called “candle lights” in my four wheels, and because I often have to run at night, I now focus on lighting issues when I buy a car. GOVA F0 not only uses LED bulbs, but also has daytime running lights and matrix tail lights, enough to achieve lighting at night. At the same time, the coverage area of ​​GOVA F0’s headlights will not be too large, avoiding the possibility of shaking the driver of the leading car into a dog.

Next, let us look at the parts related to driving quality. Similar to competing products at this price, GOVA F0 also uses a shock-absorbing configuration with double shock absorbers on both sides. The shock absorber of this structure is quite mature. The Mavericks also stated that this shock absorber is a motorcycle-level shock absorber. In detail, it is necessary to pass a test drive to feel the strength. In terms of tires, it uses all-road tires to ensure a certain degree of passability.

In the human-computer interaction part, let’s take a look at the sitting posture and operation first. GOVA F0 is equipped with the “comfort+” wide-body cushion independently developed by the Mavericks, which is larger in length and width than common products at close to the price, and has an arc. This means that no matter how tall or thin, you can sit comfortably. In addition, the GOVA F0 has a relatively large pedal area, which means that not only can there be plenty of leg room, but also some belongings may be put down, which is really convenient for travel.

In the operating area, the instrument on GOVA F0 is an LCD instrument panel similar to that of Mavericks’ higher-priced models. On the dashboard, we can get real-time data such as remaining power, speed, driving gear and mileage, which can basically meet driving needs. As for the vehicle handle faucet, the button layout is also similar to that of mainstream electric vehicles. You only need to remember the layout for a while to use it on the road.

Although the driving hardware of GOVA F0 is roughly similar to that of currently sold electric cars, considering the Mavericks’ pursuit of driving quality, these should be its “two kills” or even “three kills” part. Next, we will look at its lithium battery. As a functional part of electric vehicles, the weight and quality of lithium batteries are all important considerations in the process of buying a car. Mavericks’ success in the market also has a lot to do with their obsession with the quality of lithium batteries.

GOVA F0 is equipped with a new generation of ultra-light and low-temperature resistant lithium batteries. The power version has a battery weight of 6.8kg and a theoretical cruising range of up to 60km. The city version battery weighs only 5.6kg and has a theoretical cruising range of 50km to meet daily riding needs as much as possible. It is worth mentioning that this lithium battery has low temperature resistance characteristics, which increases the cruising range by 25% in low temperature environments, and solves the common industry problem of the reduction of cruising range in winter in some northern cities.

Finally, let us see what optional configurations GOVA F0 has. The Mavericks said that they have equipped the GOVA F0 with “the strongest equipment group.” The optional accessories here include 4 types of trunks, 2 types of storage baskets, child safety seats and rear passenger seats. With more than 14 optional accessories, GOVA F0 can meet the needs of all functions, all scenes, and all people, making GOVA F0 truly an electric car that can be used by the whole family.

In terms of property safety, GOVA F0 can be equipped with an optional “Sky Eye” system. Through highly compatible hardware implantation, GPS positioning, power consumption, mileage, historical trajectory, estimated mileage and other information are simultaneously displayed on the mobile app. On the phone, and accurately remind you through your mobile phone when the vehicle changes. This “Sky Eye” system also supports OTA upgrades, allowing everyone to understand the state of the car body more accurately.

Mavericks GOVA F0 subjective trial experience and summary

Let’s talk about the driving experience of GOVA F0. As a potential consumer of Mavericks, I have experienced the top matching MQi2 of my friend before. The response speed of this car’s electric door, the sense of stability and solidity of the body, are quite recognized by the editor. It can be said that this is an opportunity to introduce the editor into the Mavericks door. In contrast, will the driving experience of GOVA F0 be much weaker?

It has to be said that the principle of “you get what you pay for” still exists. If you compare GOVA F0 with MQi2, then GOVA F0’s driving texture is still a bit thin, and the shock absorber will still make people feel like on rugged roads. More jumping-please note that “jumping” and “hard” are two different things, “jumping” means that the spring cannot be properly returned to its position, which makes people feel wobbly. In fact, it is believed that the driving texture of MQi2 is even better than some other brand 125cc scooters.

Although GOVA F0 is known as the “five killer”, it is still too much to compare it with MQi2. Therefore, the editor still compares GOVA F0 with products of friends close to the price. After comparing driving, the advantage of GOVA F0 is firstly manifested in the start-up speed, which is a lot quicker. Maybe friends with less driving experience need to play in Tour gear to get acquainted with it. However, the editor basically started in Sport gear during the test and felt the feeling of chasing the wind.

During the driving process, the 180cm tall editor sits in the car and can stay straight and stretched. The pedal position is also relatively wide, not only enough to put your feet, but also to put a schoolbag. In terms of driving texture, the combination of GOVA F0’s carbon structural steel frame and excellent assembly quality makes the car show better consistency, and there will be no feeling of shaking and falling apart when the car is continuously passing through the pit. When the pit is too big, GOVA F0’s double shock absorber structure can well avoid the obvious bouncing feeling of the car, the swing range is not too large, and the overall appearance is relatively solid.

When changing lanes and cornering, the editor feels that because the body is lighter and the steering mechanism is more precise, the GOVA F0 can also have the feeling of “pointing and hitting” during driving. In this way, is there no place for GOVA F0 to be criticized?

Personally, the only thing I need to complain about GOVA F0 is the design of the front and rear drum brakes, coupled with the adjustment of the Mavericks, so that the GOVA F0 will neither have the braking force of “hit the wall”, nor show the brakes like the experienced MQi2. A liveable and comfortable experience. If you don’t want to move the structure of the car, then when driving GOVA F0, either drive slowly or pay attention to the braking distance.

Summary: When the Mavericks launched GOVA F0, the purpose was to create a “sincere flagship with overflow of value”. If you are the same as the editor, you have tried driving a mid-to-high-end model before the Mavericks, you may think it is a bit too interesting; but if you have been using an electric car under 2,000 or have never started an electric car before , Then the texture given by GOVA F0 really makes people feel that it is excellent value for money. Obviously, the goals that the Mavericks hope to achieve with GOVA F0 can basically be achieved.

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