Meizu Lipro LED smart ceiling light released: Ra97 color rendering ultra-thin design

News on May 31 The Meizu Smart Life Conference was held this afternoon, and the Meizu MEIZU Watch smart watch was officially released. In addition to this product, Meizu smart home brand Lipro also released a variety of new lighting products, including downlights, smart ceiling lights, and switches.

Meizu Lipro LED smart ceiling lights are available in 30cm non-smart models and 40cm and 50cm smart models. The product is equipped with Ra97 high color rendering light source, which greatly reduces the blue peaks from the source, and the color coverage is smooth.

This ceiling light is only 2cm thick, easy to install, and can be integrated with the ceiling. The light adopts the surrounding side light distribution structure, which makes the light more uniform and soft.

In addition, this ceiling lamp has an anti-flying insect structure, a simple and quick-installation design, and a separate design for the lamp holder for easy installation.

In addition to this ceiling light, Meizu also launched Lipro LED downlight standard version, Meizu Lipro sticker switch, SCR stepless dimming panel and other products.

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