Meizu’s all-smart watch MEIZU Watch is officially released: standard eSIM for all series, equipped with Flyme for Watch

News on May 31 This afternoon, at the Meizu Smart Life Conference, Meizu’s all-smart watch, MEIZU Watch, was officially released, equipped with Flyme for Watch independently developed based on Android and using Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Wear 4100 chip.

In terms of design, MEIZU Watch adopts an integrated non-breakpoint design, providing two color options of black rock and azure. Both color schemes use fluoroelastomer straps.

In terms of configuration, Meizu’s all-smart watch MEIZU Watch is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100 flagship chip, using custom 46mm large curvature Corning Gorilla Glass, equipped with front 2.5D glass and bezel, with 326 PPI custom AMOLED screen with four sides of equal width, supporting “global gestures” “Interactive program, so that all operations can be completed through gestures.

In terms of communication, it supports most of the current communication methods. All systems are equipped with eSIM as standard, support independent Internet access and independent communication, and work with the three major operators to optimize the eSIM experience.

IT Home understands that MEIZU Watch has a built-in NFC chip, supports bus cards, access cards, and supports dual modes of copying and blank door cards on the mobile phone, as well as Meizu mobile phone card cloud migration.

MEIZU Watch is also equipped with a customized mEngine that supports mCharge. Meizu said it has a “45-minute full-charge experience, 15-minute charge for all-day commuting support.” In addition, MEIZU Watch is equipped with a detachable charging base, and one cable can meet the charging needs of mobile phones and watches at the same time.

It is worth mentioning that Meizu’s all smart watches are equipped with Flyme for Watch, which is independently developed based on Android, which brings a “mobile-level system” experience to the watch. OneMind for Watch has 300 special optimizations, with fluency increased to 60FPS, battery life optimization, etc.

Meizu stated that in order to enable MEIZU Watch and Meizu mobile phones to achieve more advantageous interconnection, it has created a new communication framework “Meizu Miaolian”, allowing MEIZU Watch and Meizu mobile phones to achieve close collaboration.

In addition, Flyme for Watch and application manufacturer partners completed the first batch of applications. Alipay brings more comprehensive payment capabilities to MEIZU Watch; Baidu Map enables cycling and walking navigation; Sogou input method allows small screens to have an efficient input experience.

In terms of dials, Flyme for Watch brings users a wealth of replaceable dials. It also has dials such as surreal, new era, tourist twilight, and Luxury series to meet the needs of niche cultures. It can be matched with small components on the dial.

Meizu said that MEIZU Watch uses high-end ceramic materials that are not prone to allergies, professional-grade sensor Fresnel lenses, and a micro-curved surface design that is more suitable for long-term wear. Relying on the built-in blood oxygen sensor, MEIZU Watch fully supports blood oxygen detection.

The Flyme team also carries a complete set of “family guard” content on the watch, covering three aspects: whereabouts guard, digital health guard, and health guard. At the same time, the “SOS emergency call” on Meizu mobile phones under unexpected conditions also came to MEIZU Watch. Press the side button 5 times continuously, and the watch can automatically call emergency contacts. And when the heart rate is abnormal, it also supports the active abnormal distress function.

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