Mi 11 Pro+ shape, configuration exposure: 120x zoom

The camera combination of Xiaomi Mi 11 is a 100 million pixel main camera + 13 million ultra wide angle + 5 million telephoto macro lens. Frankly speaking, this configuration is not very outstanding, especially in the current situation of fierce competition in mobile photography.

Therefore, many opinions tend to think that this leaves room for the upgrade of Mi 11 Pro and even Mi 11 Pro+.

A batch of new renderings of the so-called Mi 11 Pro/Pro+ appeared on the Internet. The appearance is not much different from that of Mi 11, except that there are two more small holes under the rightmost one of the three shots, which may be auxiliary focus and color temperature capture. Or ToF module.

In terms of configuration, Xiaomi 11 Pro+ model is K1, code name STAR, 3200×1440 resolution 120Hz display, main camera 50 million pixel Sony IMX766 (wide angle + OIS optical image stabilization), 48 million pixel telephoto OIS lens, the whole machine can achieve 120 times Photo zoom and 15x video zoom.

From the analysis point of view, this shape and configuration information guesses have a large component for reference, but there is still a question mark.

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