Mi Band 6 exposure: screen size and resolution increase, new GPS/blood oxygen monitoring, etc.

Since its inception, the Mi Band has been one of the well-known products in the wearable field, and has achieved impressive results in all generations.

Entering 2021, Mi Band 6 is also on the agenda. A few days ago, some details were revealed, and some of the information came from code mining of Zepp APP.

It is reported that Mi Band 6 is still divided into standard version and NFC version, the model codes are XMSH15HM and XMSH16HM respectively.

It seems that the resolution of Mi Band 6 has improved, and it is guessed that the screen size may be larger than the 1.1-inch of the previous generation. New features include blood oxygen protection monitoring, built-in GPS, overseas support for Alexa voice assistant, and the introduction of the Pomodoro timer.

The sports function is also greatly improved. It supports 30 sports modes, 19 more than the Mi Band 5, including dance, Zumba, cricket, basketball and taekwondo.

Considering that Mi Band 5 was released in June last year with a starting price of RMB 189 (currently lowered to RMB 169), we have reason to believe that Mi Band 6 will be released at an approximate time this year and will provide a similar starting price.

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