Microsoft deeply transforms Android 11: Push for Surface Duo this summer

In the second half of 2020, Microsoft launched its first Surface phone-Surface Duo.

On February 13th, according to Windows Central, Microsoft is expected to push Android 11 updates for Surface Duo this summer.

The report pointed out that Microsoft and Google are working closely to adapt the Android 11 system to the Surface Duo dual screen.

For a flagship phone with a price of up to $1,000, the Surface Duo Android 11 push time is significantly later than competing products.

Foreign media pointed out that Surface Duo’s unique dual-screen design makes system adaptation and optimization take longer. Microsoft wants to improve Android’s support for dual-screen devices. This workload is very large and requires more development time.

It is reported that Microsoft Surface Duo connects two 5.6-inch AMOLED displays through a hinge. Each display has a resolution of 1800×1350. After unfolding, you can get an 8.1-inch field of view with a resolution of 2700×1800. The screen is vertical and horizontal. The ratio is 3:2.

The machine is equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 flagship processor, which is two generations away from the Snapdragon 888 flagship chip and does not support 5G.

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