Microsoft launches Surface Laptop 4, plus a lot of special accessories for remote work

Microsoft released a number of new products, including the laptop Surface Laptop 4, and a series of new Surface accessories, including Microsoft’s modern wired and wireless headsets, USB-C conference microphones and webcams.

Surface Laptop 4 continues the classic look

Surface Laptop 4 has mobility, ease of use, powerful performance and enterprise-level security features. Users can also choose a variety of new Surface accessories to customize the product portfolio to meet the needs of various learning and office situations.

In order to optimize the experience of using Microsoft products, Surface Laptop 4 retains the user’s favorite craft design, exquisite details and unique materials. Both the 13.5-inch and 15-inch Surface Laptop 4 are equipped with 3:2 PixelSense touch screens, providing artificial suede Alcantara and metal keyboards, providing users with a satisfying typing experience, with ice blue, sandstone gold, jet black, and platinum Wait for four colors, let users choose freely.

Surface Laptop 4 also has a built-in high-quality front lens, with excellent low-light capabilities and studio microphone arrays, allowing users to maintain clear picture and sound quality when participating in online meetings or video; 201 PPI, high contrast The touch screen and Dolby Atmos Omnisonic speakers provide users with a theater-level sound experience.

Surface Laptop 4 upgrades to the 11th generation processor

The new Surface Laptop 4, regardless of size, provides users with two processor choices, including the 11th generation Intel Core processors that have just been launched, or AMD Ryzen mobile processors (Zen 2 architecture) and Radeon Graphics Microsoft Surface Edition (8 Core), both options are equipped with custom chips to improve performance and extend battery life. The smooth user experience can also meet the needs of modern multi-tasking tasks.

In terms of hardware security, Surface Laptop 4 provides excellent security out of the box through integrated hardware, firmware, software, and identity protection. Users can maintain sensitive information through a removable hard drive Management and control, and through cloud-first device deployment and management, gain more security and control.

On the whole, compared with the previous generation of Surface Laptop 4, it seems that only the Intel processor has been greatly upgraded, and it still lacks the Thunderbolt port, and the battery life is slightly improved. The dual-size version has Intel and AMD CPUs to choose from. It can be called the biggest bright spot.

From earphones, microphones to video cameras all at once

In recent years, Microsoft has added audio accessories such as Surface Headphones 2 and Surface Earbuds. This time, it has launched three more remote working products, including:

Microsoft modern wired and wireless headsets

Through the Microsoft Teams certification, it helps users to be more focused and call privacy is more protected, especially when working in a shared space, use the dedicated Teams button to easily join a meeting or answer a call, and confirm with the physical mute button and LED mute indicator Mute status, keep track of the mute status at any time. With these new features, when a distraction occurs or the user wants to enter a conversation, they can be prepared at any time.

Microsoft USB-C modern conference microphone

Microsoft USB-C modern conference microphone is a good audio companion for daily work, providing high-quality sound effects for meetings, calls and casual music listening. It uses the same intuitive control as the Modern USB Headset headset, and is certified by Microsoft Teams, with a powerful speaker Single, dual microphones, and intuitive controls and indicators help improve and manage the Microsoft Teams meeting experience. In addition, the simple design and integrated wires take up minimal desk space, making it easy to carry wherever you work.

Microsoft modern webcam

Microsoft’s modern webcam provides high-quality and reliable video conferencing to enhance or add to existing PC settings and provide a Microsoft Teams-certified experience. The Microsoft Modern Webcam webcam can be easily connected to a screen, laptop or tripod, providing excellent 1080p video, HDR and a 78° field of view optimized for the meeting experience.

True Look has automatic white balance, automatic light adjustment and facial retouching functions to ensure that you appear in the best posture. You may sometimes not want to appear in front of the camera. At this time, you can easily open and close the integrated privacy shutter with LED usage indicator, and share only when you want to share images.

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