Midea’s world’s first refrigerator equipped with Hongmeng HarmonyOS is on sale: “touch” to understand the freshness of ingredients

News on June 9 Midea’s world’s first HarmonyOS refrigerator BCD-603WKGPZM has been on sale in Huawei Mall recently.

The biggest highlight of Midea’s refrigerator is the first release of Huawei’s Hongmeng HarmonyOS operating system, which supports “touch” second-level app-free distribution network, you can know the freshness of ingredients at any time with the touch, and you can also get a large number of recipe teachings with the touch , You can also customize dishes based on the remaining ingredients in the refrigerator. In addition, you can get a high-quality original service experience with a touch, and one-click after-sales appointment saves frequent and invalid communication.

In other respects, this refrigerator of Midea has a special zero-degree space to maintain the taste and nutrition of ready-to-eat meat. At the same time, it is fresh and easy to cut without time-consuming thawing. There is a special humidity-conditioning space in the box, and the two modes of high/low humidity can be adjusted according to the food. The fruits and vegetables at high humidity are kept fresh and fresh, and the dried fruits and tea leaves are not easy to return to moisture in low humidity.

This Midea refrigerator has a total volume of 603 liters, a refrigerator compartment volume of 382 liters, and a freezer compartment volume of 194 liters. The new national standard level 1 energy efficiency is equipped with inverter compressors. The electricity is as low as 0.88 kWh per day, 38 decibels of low noise operation, and 8kg/12h freezing force.

At present, Huawei Mall has launched the “Hongmeng Zhilian” column. The first batch of “Hongmeng Zhilian” products has 24 products, and there are 9 products with Hongmeng OS marked on the page. The brands include Joyoung, Midea, Fangtai, and Supor. , Puffin. At the press conference on the evening of June 2, Wang Chenglu, president of Huawei’s consumer business software department, introduced that in addition to the above list, well-known companies such as China Mobile, Skyworth, 360, and Boss Appliances are currently joining the “Hongmeng Moments”. At present, 300+ application and service partners, 1,000+ hardware partners, and 500,000+ developers have participated in the construction of Hongmeng’s ecology, including home furnishing, travel, education, office, sports and health, government and enterprise, audio-visual entertainment, etc. Partners in many fields.

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