Mijia double-port induction cooker: eating hot pot and barbecue

In the middle of last month, Xiaomi officially launched the Mijia double-port induction cooker, which was crowdfunded in Xiaomi Mall at a price of RMB 899. As a result, it only took 20 minutes to go online and has already been supported by more than a thousand people, completing 150% of the crowdfunding goal. In the end, nearly 18,000 people supported it, and the completed crowdfunding amount exceeded RMB 1.87 million, reaching the goal of over 2000%.

Today, this induction cooker has been officially put on sale at a price of RMB 999.

The biggest feature of the Mijia double-port induction cooker is that it is equipped with dual stoves, which can cook on both sides at the same time, and it comes with a special large bakeware. The large surface does not pick up pots and utensils, and it is positioned as a home mobile kitchen.

Mijia double-port induction cooker adopts IH electromagnetic heating on both sides. Compared with indirect heating by electric heating plate, IH electromagnetic heating has high efficiency, high power, and rapid heating.

More cooking functions can be customized through the Mijia APP linkage. There are two mode recipes for special large bakeware and induction cooker, and common cooking modes are visually displayed on the OLED screen.

The Mijia double-port induction cooker comes with a 100-level firepower gear, which simulates the traditional gas stove mode, rotates to control the firepower, and is equipped with an OLED display. The firepower is clear at a glance.

Built-in temperature sensor, with overheating protection system. If there is no pot, the heating will be automatically stopped, and the pot will be detected on the induction cooker within 1 minute to restart heating, ensuring the safety of cooking in all aspects.

The Mijia double-port induction cooker uses an external temperature probe to measure the temperature directly at the bottom of the pot. When cooking, the Mijia double-port induction cooker can adjust the firepower according to the set temperature.

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