Mijia Philips Table Lamp 3: Your posture is free, 10,000 times of bending without deformation

The Mijia Philips table lamp 3 uses a 360° full-degree-of-freedom lamp arm with a thickness of only 1.5 cm, an elegant shape, and it is said to be 10,000 times bending without deformation. The lamp arm can also be bent and stayed at any angle, realizing all-round lighting, and suitable lighting postures can be found for different heights and sitting positions.

The base is only the size of a palm, and the top is 10 blocks touch dimming.

In terms of core functions, Ra90 high color rendering index, national standard AA-level illumination, the central illuminance can reach 1900lx (30 cm radius average illuminance 700lx, radius 50 cm average illuminance 260lx).

In terms of eye protection, it is claimed to have passed strict inspections by professional institutions, and there is no blue light and video flicker. It also supports eye protection mode. The table lamp has a built-in high-precision sensor that can automatically sense changes in the surrounding ambient light. Even if you forget to adjust the light, the Mijia Philips table lamp will automatically adjust to supplement the light.

In terms of intelligence, it can realize the voice control of Xiao Ai, support access to the Mijia APP, and can realize infinite adjustment of light brightness and remote control in the APP.

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