Mijia Smart Wall Socket Released: Supports Xiaoai students, smart linkage, crowdfunding price of CNY49

According to the information released by Zimi, the Mijia Smart Wall Socket will start crowdfunding in Xiaomi Mall on January 13. Unlike traditional sockets, this product can realize whole-house intelligence, and it also supports voice control, intelligent linkage and other functions of Xiao Ai.

In terms of core functions, the Mijia smart wall socket can supply power to appliances such as ovens and water heaters in the home. It also supports Xiao Ai’s voice control, timer switch, Mijia APP remote control, power statistics and other functions. With other smart devices in the home, users can enjoy a rich smart home life experience.

It is worth mentioning that users can also use the Bluetooth mesh gateway to connect the Mijia smart wall socket to the Xiaomi loT platform to achieve linkage with other devices in the home. For example, after the wall-hung boiler is powered through the socket, the user opens the arming mode of the Xiaomi smart lock, and the wall-hung boiler can be automatically shut down.

In other respects, the Mijia smart wall socket also supports OTA capabilities. Through continuous optimization and improvement, this socket can be made smarter. As for the price information, the crowdfunding price of Mijia Smart Wall Socket is CNY49.

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