Mijia sweeping and mopping robot 2C: 99% long-lasting antibacterial

Xiaomi House officially announced today that the newly upgraded Mijia sweeping and mopping robot 2C has been launched on the official store. This product has added 99.9% antibacterial wipes, upgraded pressurized floor scrubbing, and Xiaomi’s first hexagonal full-coverage side brush to clean more thoroughly and clean more. In addition, the Mijia sweeping and dragging robot is equipped with a 3200mAh large-capacity battery, which has a long battery life of 110 minutes.

IT Home understands that Mijia Mop Robot 1C was released the year before, and this new product Mijia Mop Robot 2C has a huge upgrade in many aspects compared to the previous generation. The new product uses ultra-fine fiber antibacterial flexible wipes, coated with a high-molecular polymer antibacterial agent, which can inhibit the growth of bacteria for a long time and achieve 99% antibacterial wipes. The newly upgraded cleaning brush combination, hexagonal all-round coverage, with a 0.1mm ultra-dense fiber main brush, deeply cleans the corners of the house and the floor gaps.

In addition, the product supports 2700Pa cyclone suction, 4-speed suction mode, and 550ml dust box, which can instantly remove dust. The pressurized floor scrubbing module is also newly upgraded to help wipe off stains, water stains and dust, etc. can be easily wiped, bringing a more thorough cleaning effect.

The battery capacity of the product has been increased to 3200mAh, and the battery life in standard mode can reach 110 minutes. The product is also equipped with a 250ml intelligent electronically controlled water tank, which evenly discharges water without leakage, and can wet 150 square meters of ground by adding water at a time.

The product is an intelligent interactive upgrade and has advanced map management functions. Compared with the previous generation, the new partition cleaning and map editing functions are added to meet the needs of personalized cleaning to a greater extent. You can control the cleaning progress in real time through the Mijia App, remote control, regular cleaning, support the voice control of Xiao Ai, and link control with other Mijia smart products.

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