Mijia wireless vacuum cleaner K10 Pro leads Xiaomi Mi Fan Festival, a variety of new products released

Xiaomi officially released the new flagship product of the Mijia vacuum cleaner, the Mijia wireless vacuum cleaner K10 Pro, which has two killer features of automatic hair cutting and intelligent speed adjustment. When the vacuum cleaner industry generally followed the ideas of foreign brands to make products, as a rising star, Xiaomi took the lead in launching a product that is more in line with people through investigations on a large number of users’ habits, resolution of pain points and problems, and intelligent products. Use the required vacuum cleaner products. As the flagship product of Mijia vacuum cleaner, the release of Mijia wireless vacuum cleaner K10 Pro will surely promote the development of the entire industry in the direction of meeting consumer demand.

Patented anti-twisting technology to accurately solve user pain points

For users with long hair, a major pain point in daily use of vacuum cleaners is that the more and more hair they suck during vacuuming will be entangled on the roller brush, requiring the user to remove the hair by hand from time to time, which is not only very troublesome to clean, but also Due to the reaction force of the attached hair on the rotation of the roller brush, the motor load of the vacuum cleaner will gradually increase, thereby affecting the life of the motor.

When the Mijia wireless vacuum cleaner K10 Pro solves the problem of hair entanglement, referring to the hair clipper principle, one fixed knife is fixed by the roller brush built-in horizontally opposed blade, and the other is fixed by the linear motor built in the roller brush. Drive, make it reciprocate, cut off the hair wound on the roller brush, so as to realize the anti-winding of the roller brush.

Moreover, in order to avoid damage to the furniture and accidental injuries when the user touches the roller brush, engineers hide the blade used to cut the hair in the roller brush, which can effectively cut off the direct contact between the blade and the human body and the ground, thereby eliminating the user’s safety in use Doubts, truly solve the user’s pain points, and use it safely.

Intelligent automatic suction adjustment function, making cleaning more intelligent

When cleaning the ground, users often have difficulty choosing, choose a strong gear, worry about the short battery life; choose a standard gear, worry about not sucking clean; switch gears back and forth in different cleaning areas, and find it troublesome. In response to this problem, engineers innovatively introduced a “dual intelligent adjustment system” to allow the vacuum cleaner to automatically determine the ground environment and actively adjust the suction power and speed.

The Mijia wireless vacuum cleaner K10 Pro has an infrared particle sensor installed on the host side. Under automatic blocking, the amount of dust is detected through infrared induction, and the suction power is adjusted. At the same time, the built-in electric anti-winding floor brush can identify the type of ground and automatically block it. When the user drags from the smooth floor to the carpet, it will automatically increase the speed of the rolling brush, and use the high speed to form the effect of beating the carpet, thereby improving cleaning effectiveness.

A lot of ingenious design, enjoy what you think, experience a comprehensive upgrade

In terms of details, Mijia wireless vacuum cleaner K10Pro also has many thoughtful designs. It has an LCD high-definition color screen, which can clearly display the current use mode, power, charging status and other information of the machine, allowing users to realize visual operation and fully control the running state of the machine.

The Mijia wireless vacuum cleaner K10Pro also adopts a one-button one-handed dust dump design, with a button behind the handle. After the button is triggered with one hand, the dust cup will automatically pop up to facilitate dust dumping. Moreover, its handle adopts static electricity export design, which effectively prevents dust from sticking to the inside of the dust cup due to static electricity, which can make the dust more easily pour out, thereby avoiding the dust from getting on your hands. The filter component of the machine also supports water washing, which makes it easier to clean the body after housework is cleaned. At the same time, it can extend the life cycle of consumables such as filter elements and reduce the cost of use.

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