Monster and WEY launch tank 300 joint wireless headset

The world-renowned earphone brand Monster announced through its official microblog that it will jointly launch a cross-border joint wireless Bluetooth headset with WEY Tank 300. The product is currently on the Secoo e-commerce platform and is priced at CNY449.

According to the official introduction, the tank 300 co-branded headset is based on the Monster’s existing Lingshi 200 headset as a prototype. The appearance condenses the tank 300 net red body color-thinking orange, the color reproduction is very high, and the tank 300 The orange body fits perfectly.

The earphone body is made of oxidized aluminum alloy material, which has strong texture and durability. It also supports IPX4 waterproof, which can effectively prevent the earphone components from being corroded by sweat and rain.

In terms of configuration, the main body of this co-branded headset uses a 6mm moving coil unit with a rated impedance of 16Ω. The sound quality is clear and thorough. At the same time, it is equipped with a Qualcomm chip, supports APT-X lossless decoding, uses Bluetooth 5.0 connection mode, and an effective connection range of 10 meters. , Data transmission is nearly twice that of the previous generation, and the connection is faster and more stable.

In terms of battery life, the headset has a battery life of 5 hours, and the battery capacity of the charging compartment is 500mAh. With the charging compartment, the battery life is up to 30 hours.

In addition, the left and right earphones are equipped with buttons, which can realize functions such as controlling music and connecting calls, and realize easy control with one finger.

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