Musk talks about the new development of brain-computer interface: monkeys have been able to control games with their brains

Although some of Musk’s ideas are very advanced, he has already put these ideas into action, like his space exploration technology company (SpaceX) company, “brain-computer interface” technology, etc.

According to foreign media reports, a few days ago, Elon Musk (Elon Musk) on the social media “Clubhouse” talked about the new development of its Neuralink company “brain-computer interface” technology.

Musk said that Neuralink has already started experiments on monkeys. It will be a lucky monkey with the best device in the world, and it is almost impossible to see where the implant is.

The staff implanted the brain through a computer chip, and used tiny electrical levels to connect them with the monkey’s brain, so that the monkey could control a table tennis game through his own ideas.

In addition, Musk also pointed out that with the continuous advancement of technology and the emergence of technological products such as computers and mobile phones, humans now belong to “cyborgs.” Through the “brain-computer interface”, it is possible to further improve the “connection” between the human cerebral cortex and these technological products.

Therefore, we hope to use “brain-computer interface” technology to integrate people’s brains with artificial intelligence and become a kind of “cyborg” so as to avoid being eliminated in the artificial intelligence era.

Of course, in the medical field, the “brain-computer interface” technology also has great potential. In addition to solving various brain injuries, it can also be used to restore vision, hearing and limb movement, and even enable paralyzed patients to walk again.

Recently, Musk has tweeted that he hopes that “brain-computer interface” chips can be implanted in paralyzed patients with brain or spinal injuries, so that they can control mice, mobile phones or other electronic devices through the brain.

It is reported that in August last year, Neuralink, Musk’s brain-computer interface technology start-up company, used the “three little pigs” to demonstrate a practical brain-computer interface chip and automatic implant surgery equipment, which caused heated discussions.

Regarding the progress of the “brain-computer interface”, Musk also said that some videos will be released next month to showcase these scientific research results.

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