NETGEAR Nighthawk AX8 Wi-Fi 6 router, the top product for home routers

Netgear has released a full range of Nighthawks that support Wi-Fi 6, but AX8 provides a good middle ground for those who want the best but don’t need an office router. This model is expected to reach speeds of up to 6Gbps on its frequency band-yes, Wi-Fi 6 is indeed a big improvement-and is designed for large families with a large number of devices on the wireless network.

Internally, the 1.8GHz processor helps to handle the details, managing up to 8 simultaneous OFDMA connections and 16 simultaneous Wi-Fi clients, while ensuring that there are no dead zones around. There are also six Gigabit Ethernet ports for file transfer, including the ability to combine the two ports to create a faster wired connection.

If you want to choose a product with lower power consumption and lower cost, there are many Nighthawk AX models for Wi-Fi 6, but if you really want Netgear Nighthawk AX8, it is the top product for home routers.

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