New Xiaomi tablet products are coming soon: MIUI system will be deeply adapted

Xiaomi confirmed that it will launch new products in the MIX series this year, while the long-silent tablet product line will usher in an update.

On the evening of February 7, Xiaomi Group Xu Jieyun pointed out that the new tablet product of Xiaomi will be released this year. The tablet system will be one of MIUI’s key tasks this year. You can look forward to it.

From this point of view, the MIUI system team will deeply adapt the new Xiaomi tablet products, which will bring a new control experience on the tablet.

At present, the MIUI team has created the MIUI 12.5 system for mobile phones. The new system provides a brand-new solution for cross-platform collaboration-multi-screen collaboration.

The multi-screen collaboration created by the MIUI team allows Windows PCs and mobile phones to be integrated, and is the collaboration between mobile phones and laptops.

You can view mobile notifications on the computer, copy text on the mobile phone and paste it directly on the computer, open the screenshot of the mobile phone directly on the computer, and view the webpage opened on the mobile phone on the computer.

This feature may be adapted to Xiaomi tablets, and cross-device transmission and control between mobile phones, tablets, and computers will be more convenient.

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