Nintendo Switch OLED model is officially released: 7-inch narrow bezel screen, new free stand/speaker

Nintendo officially released the Nintendo Switch OLED model, which will be on sale on October 8th, priced at 2,680 Hong Kong dollars.

Highlights include:

7-inch OLED screen with narrower frame

New bracket design, angle can be adjusted freely

The base joins the wired LAN interface

The storage capacity of the body is increased to 64GB

Brand new speakers, better sound in handheld mode

Nintendo today announced a new Switch model with a larger 7-inch 720P OLED display. Although there are rumors that this new Switch will carry a new Nvidia chip internally, it is still unclear whether Nintendo has upgraded the internal processor. The Switch OLED model will go on sale on October 8th, and the price in the U.S. is US$350

In addition to the new screen, this revised model also includes an adjustable stand design for table games, 64GB of built-in storage space (above 32GB), a new dock with a built-in wired Ethernet port, and use for handheld or table games Improved audio. Nintendo only mentioned the “HD gaming” of the TV base, so the rumored 4K mode is not part of this Switch OLED.

Nintendo said that the battery life of this new Switch OLED will reach 9 hours, the same as the original Switch. This Switch OLED device is slightly longer and heavier than the original in size, 320 grams), while the original Switch weighs 290 grams.

The original Joy-Cons will all apply to the new Switch OLED, and all existing games support running on the new Switch OLED. When the Switch OLED model is shipped later this year, Nintendo will also provide black and white devices.

In recent months, the upgraded Switch has been exposed in large numbers, and Nintendo chose to disclose it after the company’s E3 2021 exhibition, which focuses on new Switch games.

The new Switch OLED was launched nearly two years later on the Nintendo Switch Lite. The Switch Lite is a smaller and cheaper version. You can’t connect it to a TV. Switch Lite made its debut in September 2019 at a price of $199.

Nintendo Switch sells very well, and the game console has dominated the US sales charts for nearly two consecutive years. Since its launch in 2017, Switch has sold 84.59 million units, which is getting closer and closer to the Wii console sales mark of 101.63 million units. This upgraded Switch OLED model is bound to help promote the sales of the Switch series, and is closer to the level of Wii.

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