NVIDIA produces CMP mining cards at full capacity: game cards are squeezed

Over the past year or so, mining has disrupted the supply and demand of the entire graphics card industry. “Smelly playing games” simply cannot buy cards. Even if they are in stock, they have to increase prices.

NVIDIA and AMD, as upstream chip manufacturers, have an extremely ambiguous attitude towards this, and no one will have trouble with the money.

Recently, the whole series of NVIDIA RTX 30 began to be replaced with a new version of the core (except for the high probability of 3090), and mining is fully restricted. Ethereum’s computing power will be controlled at about half. The official release of the CMP HX series of dedicated mining cards will be in the near future. Started mass supply.

It seems that Lao Huang really has to take care of gamers? too naive……

First of all, RTX 30 series graphics cards are restricted from entering the mining field. The real reason is not to crack down on mining, but NVIDIA does not want all the profits from it to be earned by AIC brands, and wants to eat this big cake directly.

There is even news that the new version of the RTX 30 series game card that replaces the core and restricts mining will give priority to satisfying Internet cafe orders, at least for the last two months at home. The supply has almost been eaten up by Internet cafes, and NVIDIA also encourages priority. Provided to Internet cafes.

On the other hand, the CMP HX series of mining cards are produced by TSMC and Samsung at the same time, and will open full production lines to produce with the largest possible production capacity.

For this reason, NVIDIA will even sacrifice part of its game card chip production line and transfer its production capacity to the CMP HX series of mining cards. Currently, it has made plans to increase the latter’s product line.

CMP HX series mining cards are also released and sold by AIC brand owners, but based on the current exposed prices, the profits are much higher than game cards, and there is no need to worry about quality assurance issues. NVIDIA can make money and make money. AIC brand owners also Can make a lot of profits.

The CMP HX series of mining cards are made up of different models such as 30HX, 40HX, 50HX, 90HX, etc., and they have been shipped from the low end one after another, and a larger number of sources will enter the mine directly.

In this way, game cards will still not be easy to buy, and the only hope is that there will be no such crazy price increase.

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