OnePlus’ first smartwatch is certified: round dial, support for independent calls

As early as last year, Liu Zuohu, the founder and CEO of OnePlus, revealed that they are developing a smart watch and plan to officially launch it early this year.

According to reports, the first smart watch of OnePlus has passed BIS certification, and the information shows that it will have two different models, W501GB and W301GB respectively. They expect these two models to correspond to the Bluetooth version and the LTE version.

Among them, the LTE version is expected to be equipped with eSIM technology, which supports functions such as over-the-air numbering and one-number terminal installation, and enables independent calls without the mobile phone.

According to previous news, the OnePlus smartwatch will adopt a more traditional round dial design, equipped with a fabric loop strap similar to Apple Watch. The strap and watch adopt a new design similar to a buckle connection and support quick disassembly.

In terms of system, OnePlus smartwatches will be equipped with Google Wear OS. This system was previously designed by Android for wearable smart devices such as smartwatches. Its first preview version was announced in March 2014 and supports digital assistants, sensors and other functions.

However, Liu Zuohu previously revealed that: “Wear OS definitely has room for improvement. We are trying to work with Google to improve the connectivity between Wear OS ecosystem, Android TV and Android smartphones.”

In addition, some time ago, some netizens claimed that an app called OnePlus Health appeared in the Google Play app store. They cracked the APK installation file and found that it contained the dial market of OnePlus smart watches, with a rich variety of dial styles.

It is expected that OnePlus’ first smartwatch will be officially unveiled at the OnePlus 9 series conference in March this year, so stay tuned.

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