Oppo Enco X true wireless noise-canceling headphones, AirPods Pro for Android

Enco X doesn’t just look like AirPods Pro, I will call them as close as possible without incurring legal anger from Apple. Especially in white (they also have black), the bulbous main shell, the semi-elliptical silicone nib and the downward-pointing stem are all direct copies of Apple’s design. In other words, if you dig into the atmosphere of apples, you will like the appearance of these buds.

However, Oppo’s flattery of Jony Ive’s aesthetics does not stop there. The charging box is also a pure AirPods Pro, all the way to the perfectly articulated hinge and the LED charging indicator on the front. Of course, there are some differences. Oppo wraps the case in a slender aluminum strap to make it look extraordinarily delicate, and the side of the matching button is proud of the strap, rather than lying flat on the back like Apple. You might accidentally press the button in the end, which is not ideal, but the real head gripper in Oppo’s design is the decision to turn the earplugs in opposite directions.

First of all, OPPO Enco X is equipped with the most powerful noise cancellation function I have experienced from a pair of true wireless earbuds. When ANC is adjusted to maximum, they can eliminate even more noise than Huawei FreeBuds Pro-these earplugs have left a deep impression on ANC. Recently, I was able to travel by train and brought both Huawei FreeBuds Pro and OPPO Enco X to compare them. The difference between the two is very obvious. OPPO Enco X successfully silenced most train noises immediately. The performance of Huawei FreeBuds Pro is good, but not much different. On OPPO Enco X, you can turn off ANC, turn on basic ANC and enable maximum ANC. Except for almost no transparent mode, I almost always keep these earbuds at maximum ANC. Transparent mode uses the microphone on the earbuds to listen to the sounds around you and feeds it directly into your ears so that you can hear external noises.

OPPO Enco X is co-manufactured with Dynaudio, and its logo is printed on the hinge of the case. They support wireless charging on any standard Qi charging pad, and it takes about two and a half hours to charge from an empty state. Using USB-C chargers, they can be fully charged to 100% in 2 hours, although I usually choose to passively place them on the wireless charging pad when I am not listening to music. They also support Low Latency High Definition Codec (LHDC), although I can only use it with my OPPO Find X2 Pro. Not all smartphones support LHDC. My Google Pixel 5 defaults to AAC and there is no option to enable the LHDC codec. It’s no big deal, but something to keep in mind as a consumer.

In terms of battery life, when ANC is turned on, the battery life of each earbud is about 4 hours, and when ANC is turned off, the battery life is 5.5 hours. The charging case will charge the two earbuds 3 or 4 times from 0 to 100%.

Design and comfort
OPPO Enco X is very small, light and comfortable to wear for a long time. For several hours in a row, my ears didn’t have any problems, and I could even lie on them directly without hurting my ears. This is something I can’t really do with other true wireless earplugs. They certainly have unique designs, but unique does not always mean good. Although I think they are comfortable to wear and have light ears, the touch controls are quite picky. I don’t really care about touch controls, but I know many people do.

To promote noise reduction and calls, each earbud has three integrated microphones and onboard wind detection technology. And in practice, the call quality of both parties is very good. AirPods Pro are the most comfortable true wireless earbuds I have tried, and Enco X also provides the same comfortable wearing experience. There is even a suitability test in the free HeyMelody app (for Android) (iOS version coming soon), and there is another AirPods Pro feature to be added to the list. I have to switch to large earbuds to get a perfect fit, but even the default medium-sized earphones are pretty good. As long as you don’t mind putting the earplugs in the ear canal, Enco X is comfortable enough to be used continuously for many hours.

The earbuds use a touch control interface. I usually don’t like touch. I find that they are not precise enough, and I don’t like the click feedback provided by the lack of physical buttons. But Enco X may let me fall in love. Almost every time you tap on the stem, you can adjust the volume by sliding the length of any stem up or down, which is still not possible on AirPods Pro.

Active noise reduction
Audio quality is the most important aspect of any set of earplugs or any other audio related products related to it. On the OPPO Enco X, the frequency and bass are balanced, and the bass remains strong and clear without being overly bearable. These earbuds won’t beat your fancy 100 Euro or 200 Euro earphones, but usually they won’t, let alone true wireless earbuds. They are laptop or smart phone accessories that exist for convenience. For this reason, OPPO Enco X is excellent. You can pair them with two devices, and then press and hold either headset lever to switch between them. It must be enabled in the settings.

I am very impressed with active noise reduction. I was able to travel by train recently, and I directly compared the noise reduction features of Huawei FreeBuds Pro and OPPO Enco X. The difference is day and night. When it comes to preventing the buzzing of train engines, Enco X blows FreeBuds Pro out of the water. When blocking other noises, I did not notice much difference between the two, but I was surprised by the silent train.

However, the active noise reduction function is not perfect on OPPO Enco X. It has happened several times now, when I accidentally touched an earplug, a high pitch sounded in my ears. It happened not frequently enough to make me reject them completely, but it has happened more than once. If you are not familiar with ANC, it is basically a technique that analyzes the sound around you and then creates an “anti” sound to cancel out the sound waves detected by the microphone. I’m pretty sure it’s this kind of anti-sound being played, because it tries to eliminate the noise I made when I rubbed a microphone on the headset.

If you want to check out the Spotify playlist I’ve been listening to when testing OPPO Enco X, you can do it here. From beginning to end, OPPO Enco X left an incredible impression on me, and I won’t worry about whether your device supports LHDC. I have always been happy to use AAC on my Google Pixel 5 and LHDC for streaming on OPPO Find X2 Pro, there is no obvious difference between the two.

OPPO Enco X’s battery life is as advertised, so I have no real complaints. After the active noise reduction function is enabled, a battery life of approximately 3.5-4 hours can be obtained on a single charge, and it can be extended to approximately 20 hours of total battery life using a carrying case. With ANC turned off, I have seen about 4 and a half hours, which is a bit insufficient. The battery life is not too impressive, although I rarely find myself wearing earplugs during this time. Generally speaking, if I stay somewhere longer, I use headphones. Battery life is definitely the weakest point of OPPO Enco X, but not enough to make it completely unusable.

One feature Oppo should imitate is the fast charging feature of AirPods Pro. Five minutes of charging will extend the playback time of AirPods Pro by one hour, but Enco X does not have a fast charging function. Starting from the empty state, you need to charge the headset for 80 minutes. At this speed, charging Enco X for 5 minutes will only give you 17 minutes of playing time.

conversation quality
Although not as clear and transparent as Bose or Jabra earplugs, Oppo Enco X still has excellent call quality. Competitive sounds like passing cars are very effectively suppressed. My voice fluctuates sometimes, but it is always clear.

Brief summary
Oppo has created an almost perfect clone of Apple AirPods Pro, with better sound quality and lower prices. LHDC wireless transmission, dual wheat dual-core noise reduction, transparent mode, wireless charging. DBEE3.0 sound system, dual active noise reduction, transparent mode support, Bluetooth 5.2 low latency dual transmission farewell to freezing. OPPO Enco X True Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones is a very good Android wireless noise canceling headphones.

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