OPPO fast charging ecology: MWC or release space charging technology

According to news on February 19, OPPO announced that it will announce the OPPO flash charging ecology on February 23 at Shanghai MWC.

There is speculation that OPPO will release air-to-air charging technology in this event. Previously, on April Fool’s Day 2020, OPPO demonstrated air-to-air wireless charging technology.

At the time, everyone thought this was just an April Fool’s Day joke, but the OPPO flash charging team was already developing wireless charging technology.

Zhang Jialiang, chief scientist of OPPO VOOC flash charging, said that there are no technical obstacles to the wireless charging technology in the air, and even long-distance wireless charging can be realized, but the problem is the final productization. Currently, there are legal and regulatory requirements, and there are equipment safety and personal safety. Requirements and cost requirements.

In the field of flash charging, OPPO has been working hard for many years, which is obvious to all in the industry.

As a fast charging technology independently developed by OPPO, VOOC flash charging technology has applied for more than 1,000 core patents worldwide.

From the release of OPPO Find 7 by OPPO in 2014, the first generation of VOOC flash charging came out, which greatly reduced the time for users to charge mobile phones, to the later N3 and R5, VOOC flash charging was upgraded to the second generation, and then to the R9 series , VOOC flash charging has brought more optimizations to the internal structure, and the battery life in extreme cases has been greatly improved.

Up to now, the number of VOOC flash charging users has exceeded 100 million, which fully proves the high reliability.

As the number one player in the field of flash charging, we will wait and see what surprises OPPO will bring to MWC this time.

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