OPPO Smart Tag smart tracker patent exposure: or released with Find X3

Not long ago, at the Samsung Galaxy S21 series conference, Samsung not only brought a variety of new phones, but also launched the Galaxy SmartTag smart tracker.

It is reported that the device is equipped with small BLE technology, which can be hung on keys, wallets or suitcases, with a signal coverage of up to 120 meters, and it can also emit loud enough to determine the detailed location, which greatly facilitates the search for lost items.

For the smart tracker field with a huge market share, domestic manufacturers seem to also launch related products in the near future.

According to LetsGoDigital, in May 2020, OPPO applied to the State Intellectual Property Office for a “Bluetooth Smart Tag Locator” design patent. The document was published on January 26, 2021, and included various perspectives. Design Picture.

In terms of appearance, the OPPO Smart Tag is a black matte shell with a rectangular rounded corner design. Except for the OPPO Logo printed in the middle, the device has no other decorative logos.

It is worth noting that OPPO has not designed this smart tracker to be able to hang keys or wallets. Since only the appearance patent is disclosed, its parameter configuration and usage method are not yet known. Follow-up related information will also be tracked in time .

Regarding the release date, OPPO Smart Tag is expected to be unveiled with the OPPO Find X3 flagship series in March this year.

Of course, with such a creative and trendy product, it is natural to join Apple.

According to the news, Apple named its own smart tracking device “Air Tags”. The product uses an oblate design with a built-in Apple U1 chip that can use UWB technology to achieve precise positioning of about 10 cm.

With the deployment of more manufacturers, a new “war” will begin in the field of smart trackers.

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