OPPO Watch 2 ECG version is officially released: millisecond-level ECG detection/support eSIM, cny2499

The new member of the OPPO Watch 2 series-OPPO Watch 2 ECG version was officially released tonight. This smartwatch inherits the UDDE dual-engine hybrid technology pioneered in this series, and is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100 and Apollo4s dual chips. The watch supports millisecond precision ECG detection for the first time, with continuous blood oxygen monitoring, snoring risk assessment and other functions.

This watch is equipped with a 1.92-inch 3D AMOLED hyperbolic unbounded screen, using a 316L stainless steel middle frame, and a sapphire ceramic back cover. The watch is available with fluorine rubber strap and Italian calfskin strap. It adopts magnetic installation design for easy replacement.

The OPPO Watch 2 ECG version released this time is equipped with millisecond precision ECG detection function. After the detection is completed, you can choose two interpretation methods: AI algorithm analysis, or online interpretation by registered doctors of the National Telemedicine and Internet Medical Center, to help in time Discover potential heart problems and avoid missing the golden period of treatment. At the same time, OPPO collaborated with the Huazhong University of Science and Technology-Tongji Hospital research team to conduct effectiveness research, bringing a new upgrade of “24h irregular heart rhythm monitoring”, which can detect high and low heart rates and irregular heart rhythms in time.

OPPO Watch 2 ECG version is also equipped with a professional sleep guard function. It supports second-level continuous blood oxygen monitoring, automatically turns on during sleep, and can guard 20,000 times a night; at the same time, it provides an exclusive snoring risk assessment to assist in timely detection of respiratory health problems. The OPPO Watch 2 ECG version can also monitor the user’s deep sleep time, light sleep time, and waking time each night, and actively push the last night’s sleep report after the user wakes up every day. Monitoring can also be achieved if you take a nap for more than 30 minutes.

OPPO has exclusively cooperated with the Institute of Physical Education of the State General Administration of Sports to develop the GoMore algorithm and provide professional AI motion algorithm technical support. Before exercise, a personalized exercise plan can be generated for the user according to the model algorithm. It also has built-in professional motion sensors including three-axis acceleration, gyroscope, geomagnetism, air pressure, optical heart rate, etc., which can realize more comprehensive exercise monitoring, support more than 100 sports records such as badminton and tennis, and can automatically identify running, 6 kinds of common exercises, such as walking, remind users to make records in time.

The OPPO Watch 2 ECG version supports an exclusive health wizard, which provides real-time feedback on the user’s exercise and health status in the form of a cartoon image, allowing users to pay attention to their health through a “pet-raising” interactive experience. At the same time, the health elves have built-in multiple interactions and development play methods. Users can feed the elves by completing tasks such as steps, fitness and other tasks, unlock the background themes, and make health management more playable. In addition, there are a variety of intimate and warm health functions such as drinking water reminders, women’s menstrual reminders, and sedentary reminders. By connecting to the health app, you can connect to third-party devices such as blood pressure monitors and treadmills.

This watch can seamlessly switch between Android and RTOS systems, bringing 4 days of long battery life. Turn on the light smart mode to turn into a sports watch, retaining functions such as exercise, health, and dial can also achieve up to 16 days of battery life. In addition, independent eSIM function, adaptation of more than 50 popular apps, e-sports mode, classroom mode, real-time multi-screen, and the newly added Tmall Genie App, which supports nearly 1,000 brand smart home linkages.

The OPPO Watch 2 ECG version will officially open for pre-sale on October 20, priced at cny2499.

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