OPPO Watch: Run Android App without stress

It was reported on January 25 that OPPO Watch can install any mobile phone apk file, which is very reliable to be used as a spare car key. This is due to the fact that OPPO Watch is based on the mobile phone Android system and the app operating environment is sound.

From this point of view, look forward to the new watch of the OPPO Watch team in 2021.

OPPO Watch installation apk operation steps:

1. Turn on the USB debugging, then use adb to install the official Tesla apk or your own car app;

2. Use adb to change the density of the watch to 250 (adjustable according to the actual interface of your app) to ensure that there are no bugs in the display and interaction.

It is reported that OPPO Watch is a smart watch launched by OPPO in the first half of 2020. This watch runs ColorOS Watch, an exclusive system tailored for smart watches. You can download your favorite App on the watch.

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