Patent shows: Apple will eventually solve the problem that the Lightning data cable is too easy to damage

If you are an iPhone user, the biggest slot is Apple’s official Lightning data cable, because it is really not wearable.

In the patent application titled “Cable with Variable Rigidity”, Apple stated that it is well known that the bending of the cable near the terminal point may cause unnecessary strain on the connection, which may lead to cable failure. Therefore, it is usually A strain relief sleeve made of rigid material is provided around the end area.

Apple’s new proposal is not only the development of the “stress relief” concept, but also the development of the overall extra thickening of the cable.

Specifically, the cable may include a cable core surrounded by an outer sleeve with a uniform thickness, and it also has a first longitudinal portion with a first rigidity, a second longitudinal portion with a second rigidity, and a cable core in the first and second The third longitudinal part between the longitudinal parts, where the second rigidity is greater. The stiffness of the third longitudinal part changes between the first stiffness and the second stiffness, the real effect is to expand the strain capacity of the cable.

Most of the patent application describes different possible materials and also attempts to define stiffness. For example, the minimum bending radius, defined as the smallest radius that a cable can be bent without kinking, is a well-known measure of cable stiffness, and the minimum bending radius can be defined relative to the cable diameter. Increasing the bending radius corresponds to increasing stiffness. Depending on the specific cable design, the minimum bending radius may be, for example, 8 to 12 times the cable diameter.

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