Rapoo Raremo Pre 5 small fresh mechanical keyboard experience evaluation

The keyboard is an indispensable I/O device in the current modern office. However, the appearance of the keyboards on the market is much the same. For the group of young women who are looking for cuteness, a keyboard with outstanding appearance is obviously more attractive. , Rapoo is currently launching a Raremo Pre 5 multi-mode wireless mechanical keyboard for this kind of people. This keyboard has a cute appearance, and uses a dot keycap design. It also has a variety of wireless connection modes. Plus a backlit keyboard and a mechanical shaft with a life span of 60 million cycles. The keyboard is not only high in appearance, but also excellent in performance. It is very suitable for young women who pursue personalization and experience in the new era.

When I first saw Raremo Pre 5, the appearance was so cute. The screen was full of rounded lines without too many angular lines. The chamfers around the keyboard and the keycaps were all very cute, girl I saw absolutely no way to go.

In terms of colors, this keyboard provides 4 colors, namely ice white, graceful pink, intellectual blue, and slightly drunk purple. With the Raremo air 1 air cushion mouse, it can form a perfect suit to meet the individual needs of different users.

In addition, this keyboard uses a very pleasing round keycap design, and the first keycap adopts a shape similar to a “pleated skirt”, full of girly hearts, and the keycaps have a delicate touch and the characters are printed. Clear, long-term use will not appear obvious wear, and it is also very good anti-skid, long-term typing is very comfortable, and the 79-key key position design keeps the size of this keyboard at 312*141*43.1mm, which is very The ground is small and exquisite, which can effectively save desktop space and improve desktop utilization efficiency.

In terms of connection methods, Rapoo Raremo Pre 5 uses 4 connection methods, including Bluetooth 5.0, Bluetooth 3.0 and 2.4GHz, and wired connection. In the case of wireless, up to 3 devices can be connected at the same time, and we can also use Fn+F12 switches between Mac and Windows systems to achieve seamless switching between multiple devices. The actual switching is very smooth and the response speed is very fast.

In terms of axis, this mechanical keyboard adopts Rapoo’s independent office mechanical axis. It provides four different axes: black axis, green axis, tea axis and red axis. Users can choose according to their own habits. For most For users, you can choose the tea axis and the red axis. These two axis bodies have a short trigger stroke, which is suitable for long-term typing, and the trigger pressure is small, so they will not feel tired after a long time.

In terms of feel, the rebound of each keyboard’s keys is simply not muddy, and the round keycaps fit the fingers well, and the typing experience is very good. At the same time, the large keys are also good in touch and feedback, and there is no mess. Akira situation.

In addition, the keyboard is also designed with rich multimedia shortcut keys, which are very convenient in daily use. We can use the “Fn+F function button” to achieve music playback, volume adjustment and Internet browsing under the Windows system. It is very convenient for daily use. Convenient and fast.

I believe that many office users have experienced typing at night. Usually, if the keyboard is not backlit, the typing often fails to match the number. And the Raremo Pre 5 multi-mode wireless mechanical keyboard has a monochrome backlight mode. It can be realized by the Fn+ctrlR key: ripple mode, constant light mode, single light volume mode, breathing mode, starry dot mode, curve mode, six light modes, which are very practical.

And we can also reduce and increase the brightness of the keyboard backlight through Fn+F1/F2, which is very practical in daily practice, and the light transmission effect of the keycap is very good, and the visual effect is good at night, and after the blessing of lighting, The texture of the entire keyboard is outstanding.

In addition, there is a USB-C charging port on the side of the keyboard. Next to the port is the power switch button of the keyboard. It is also convenient for users to connect the computer and the keyboard by wired connection, and it can also be charged. The keyboard is built-in The 4000mAh large-capacity battery can support more than 13 days of daily use when fully charged, and it takes about 4 hours to fully charge.

to sum up

The ralemo Pre 5 multi-mode wireless mechanical keyboard looks cute and cute, which is very suitable for young people who are in pursuit of fashion. At the same time, the round keycaps are matched with different types of Rapoo’s independent office shafts. Both the hand feel and the visual sense are very good. In addition, Bluetooth, wired, 2.4G multiple connection methods allow users to connect to different devices at the same time, and switch seamlessly between devices, which is very convenient. Finally, this keyboard has a variety of backlight mode adjustments, plus rich multimedia The buttons are more convenient for daily use. In short, whether it is appearance or ease of use, this mechanical Bluetooth keyboard fills many blanks in the female digital market and is very worth buying.

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