Rapoo Z1 Sport: Open listening experience + strong battery life + anti-blue light

As a well-known peripheral brand in China, Rapoo’s keyboards, mice and other products are welcomed and favored by users. After achieving success in this field, Pennefather was not satisfied with this. At the end of 2020, it launched a new smart wearable device-Z series smart audio glasses. With the theme of “Intelligent Self, Self”, it focuses on lighter and more highly integrated, and is committed to bringing users a smarter interactive experience between people and technology.

The Pennefather Z series smart audio glasses include two new products, Z1 Sport and Z1 Style, and the styles of the two devices are different. Among them, Z1 Sport has a sports and leisure style, yet it also has an exquisite style. It is a smart device suitable for young people. High equipment uses the combination of glasses and Bluetooth audio products, combined with Rapoo Z1 Sport to provide users with audio services in an open manner, effectively solving the common problems in traditional audio equipment.

In terms of appearance design, Z1 Sport has brought a trendy and fashionable diversified form. The front frame adopts a unique angular design, combined with the soft and stable square lines of the glasses frame, presenting the beauty of the combination of wisdom and technology. The frame of Z1 Sport supports the removal of lenses, so users can change their optical lenses or sunglasses at will. The spectacle frame is made of TR90 material, which has high toughness, resistance to deformation, light weight, and wear resistance. So that Z1 Sport has a guarantee in protection.

In addition, its optical lenses also have anti-blue light function, which can filter about 90% of the blue light of electronic screens, effectively protecting the eyes. It is worth mentioning that this glasses also comes with a professional TAC polarizer, with the anti-ultraviolet function, it can expand the use scene while providing more choices for daily wear.

In terms of core functions, Z1 Sport can bring an exclusive open listening experience. The left and right temples are equipped with full-range speakers, with 4 sound guide holes, which can accurately transmit sound to both ears, bringing an excellent surround sound experience, especially when playing games, but also bringing listening sound The effect of discrimination. In addition, this smart glasses can also bring two listening modes, indoor and outdoor, and users can freely switch by selecting the momentum button.

Another highlight of Z1 Sport is the support of Bluetooth 5.0 transmission scheme. The advanced Bluetooth 5.0 has the characteristics of low power consumption, low latency, and strong stability. With the high-sensitive microphone built into the glasses, it can bring a clearer and smoother voice call experience. At the same time, this glasses is also equipped with multiple function keys, such as multimedia play/pause key, voice on/up key, etc., bringing a smarter interactive experience.

In terms of battery life, thanks to the lightweight design, the Z1 Sport has a built-in high-polymer lithium battery that can bring up to 5 hours of battery life, ensuring that users can use the smart glasses in one activity. For charging, it uses a magnetic design, which can be fully charged in only 1.5 hours. It can be seen that this is a smart wearable device that combines shape, function, audio and other aspects in one. In terms of price, the Pennefather Z1 Sport is only priced at RMB 799, so don’t miss it.

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