Roborock sweeping and dragging robot T7S series: escort the healthy growth of babies

Children’s Day has just passed. I believe that many children have had a happy Children’s Day. For children who are growing up, a good environment is very conducive to growth. Of course, this is the whole world. The consensus of all parents. Although this is said, it is easy for parents to overlook the most important point in their children’s growth environment in the process of educating their children-the daily living environment, especially for some busy parents. It’s hard to make time to tidy up the room, clean and clean, and children need a clean floor and a quiet growth environment when they grow up. The floor is too dirty and dusty at home, which can even affect the child’s sleeping habits and produce bad influences.

In fact, solving this problem is also very simple. In recent years, the intelligent manufacturing industry is accelerating the transformation and upgrading of labor-intensive industries. Some traditional manual labor is being replaced by more and more machines, such as sweeping and mopping the floor. The work can be done efficiently by “robots”, and it is even cleaner than human cleaning!

On March 29 this year, the Chinese sweeping robot company Roborock officially launched the new T7S series of sweeping robot products. The T7S series sweeping robots are equivalent to the upgraded version of the previous generation T7 series, from “sweeping” to “sweeping” naming Can be seen.

For the T7S series of Roborock sweeping and dragging robots, the biggest attraction may be the “vibration and wiping” function.

The T7S series is the world’s first intelligent lift-type sonic vibration floor scrubbing module “VibraRise”, which can assist in improving the floor scrubbing effect through high-frequency sonic vibration. The high-performance brushless motor equipped on the T7S series can drive the mop up to 3000 times per minute of high-frequency vibration, which can easily dissolve ground stains. The official said that the cleaning power is 4 times higher than that of the stone S5 series! In daily life, milk stains accidentally spilled on the floor by children drinking milk, biscuit residues spilled on the floor, even coffee, coke, etc. The T7S series can easily eliminate these stains through the “VibraRise” technology.

The mop support of the Roborock T7S series of sweeping and mopping robots is also divided into a vibration area (vibrating stains) and a non-vibrating area (taking away stains) in a two-zone tacit cooperation, which greatly increases the vibration frequency and controls noise. Some families will lay carpets in the living room and bedroom. During the work of the Roborock T7S series, the ultrasonic carpet recognition sensor added at the bottom can accurately identify the carpet area.

At the same time, the bottom of the T7S series is also equipped with a fully automatic lifting and scrubbing module. The fully automatic lifting and scrubbing module achieves autonomous lifting through the motor and gear box driving pulleys and cables. The lifting cables are made of 304 stainless steel thin steel ropes. , And carried out more than 300,000 times of bending life test, firm and reliable.

In “Adaptive Carpet Mode”, when T7S series encounters a carpet, it will automatically raise the mopping module to pressurize and clean the carpet, so as to prevent the carpet from being soiled by the dirty mop. Users can also change the carpet cleaning method that suits them through the mobile app, including adaptive mode, carpet avoidance mode and carpet ignoring mode.

One of the hardware details of the T7S Plus is the plastic brush. This time the plastic brush uses a precision TPU design. The surface has a precision design of 5 lengths and 5 shorts, which can effectively ensure the wind pressure and dust removal effect, and the new design can effectively avoid For the hair entanglement problem, the hair can be easily sucked into the dust box or slid into the hair storage bins at both ends of the main brush.

Smart sweeping robots are inseparable from path planning and obstacle avoidance capabilities. The Roborock T7S series uses LDS lidar technology for navigation, and T7S Plus not only has LDS lidar technology, but also uses 3D structured light technology for precise identification And obstacle avoidance, T7S Plus uses the 3D structured light technology previously used to recognize human faces on mobile phones to the sweeping and dragging robot, so as to achieve millimeter-level high-precision obstacle avoidance.

T7S Plus also has multi-sensor data such as ultrasonic carpet recognition and high-precision wall sensors, and with AI algorithms, it can accurately identify surrounding objects while avoiding accidental collisions or missed scanning due to excessive obstacle avoidance.

At the software level, the Roborock T7S Plus uses the new RR mason 8.0 algorithm system, which is smarter in all aspects than in the past. For example, the display of the dragging path (light white area) and the display and settings of the charging dock type are newly added on the App side. You can see where you are scanning and where you are dragging at a glance.

The baby’s growth is inseparable from a clean and tidy living environment. The T7S series escorts the baby’s healthy growth and also helps parents to free their hands and spend more time with their children.

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