Roidmi self-collecting dust sweeping robot released: throw a big dust bag every January

The first self-collecting dust-sweeping robot in the Xiaomi Eco-Chain came out. It was made by Roidmi. The price is RMB 2999, and the first release is RMB 2799.

The Roidmi smart dust collection and cleaning station is a charging station and also a smart trash can. After cleaning, the dust box is automatically emptied, and the dust is fully packed. The 3L large-capacity dust bag is automatically packed and does not leak dust.

It also has an original ozone antibacterial and deodorizing technology, which also eliminates the two major troubles of dirty hands eating ash and garbage.

It is equipped with RoidmiEVE’s new generation of super-sensing LDS lidar, which can quickly scan the whole house and automatically draw maps and plan routes through the SLAM algorithm.

Through the automatic recognition of artificial intelligence, not only can the map partition be saved automatically, you can also merge, divide and name the partitions to achieve cleaning in a preset order or scheduled cleaning of the designated room.

It has excellent obstacle crossing ability and can easily climb a slope of 2cm without fear of the threshold of home. At the same time, it accurately recognizes common obstacles and actively bypasses.

Roidmi’s self-collecting dust sweeping and mopping robot has a suction power of up to 2700Pa and integrates a new intelligent micro-control water tank. It can intelligently regulate the water output through the micro-control chip, so that the mop always maintains the best humidity. A large 250ml water tank, with a 5200mAh battery, can be towed at a level of 300, without changing the water halfway.

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